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Morning Winter

It was a cold morning. In one of the houses along the road, someone had lit a fireplace and came up to me the smell of burnt wood. The field was silent except for the small birds that lifted the flight, surprised. The sky was clear and wore the Sun, although it gave barely heat at that early hour. On my bike, progressed silent and unhurried, the lonely road that penetrated into the fields.

Far reaching my view, landscape were fields of work and the background hills. The newly plowed fields, with its rows of Brown Earth, radiated a mysterious geometric beauty. It smelled of damp earth and mineral life. To my left small slopes in shadow, were formed from them with its vegetation cover by Frost and far away, in a small forest, in the highest branches of some trees, they were the silhouettes of some storks. Under them, the water from the River, shrouded in mist. I went through a place in the shade, under a cliff.

The floor was covered with dried leaves, rustling with a sound of glass to step on my bike. The bare branches of the trees looked like roots that seek the path towards heaven, and in its branches the outbreaks of a new life, waiting for the next spring. I watched amazed that stillness, flawless and perfect, while in my soul made a desperate attempt to retain this infinite world that unfolded before my eyes. It was the vital message of the Earth, the message that we have been kept hidden somewhere in our hearts. My bike and I reached the top of a hill; I looked at my around and realized that the landscape was an only living being, powerful and perfect; an animal that kept a Treasury of life and mystery in your body. It was a privileged to discover my existence on this Earth alive and perfect. Angel steps original author and source of the article.