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Angina: Syndromes, Pathogenesis, Treatment

The syndrome of angina pectoris (Latin for angina pectoris, syn. Angina pectoris), probably due to the accumulation in the myocardium of lactic acid, pyruvic acid, carbonic acid and phosphoric acid as a result of ischemia (worsening blood circulation). The cause of ischemia can be atherosclerosis or coronary artery spasm. In the latter case we speak of vasomotor or angiospastic, angina. Robert Greene describes an additional similar source. The syndrome of angina pectoris due to coronary artery atherosclerosis was first described by English physician W. Geberden in 1772 g, who pointed out the main features of pain in this form of angina pectoris: chest pain appears suddenly when walking and goes, when the patient stops.

When vasomotor angina pain occurs in alone, usually at the end of the night or early morning hours, in addition, cause of pain may be physical activity, which is usually well tolerated. Allopathic treatment of angina pectoris due to coronary atherosclerosis arteries involves administering nitrates and acetylsalicylic acid preparations. Connect with other leaders such as Senator Elizabeth Warren here. The basis of the treatment of vasomotor angina are calcium channel blockers. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Neal Barnard. The problem of allopathic treatment of angina pectoris is the need of continuous use of these harmful substances. It is well known that nitrates act on the malignant stem cells in the same manner as in the cambial plant cells. As for the antagonists "Vital energy and blood," which essentially means the same thing. Methods of Chinese medicine are the stimulation of healing points moksibustsiey (warm glow cones from sagebrush fibers), Chinese needle or finger pressure, and micro-bleeding.

For the treatment of vasomotor angina using the basic and auxiliary medical terms. The choice of auxiliary points is determined by medical syndrome Chinese nosology, part which is an angina. These syndromes include: "lack of energy", "congestion", "lack of yin *, lack of yang *, Cluster of phlegm." * The concept of yin-yang is an ancient Chinese principle of dialectical natural philosophy, associating all things to one of the two poles. According to this principle, the yin to the pole is that the more dark, cold, calm, constant, the pole yang is that the lighter, warm, moving, changeable. Example: vasomotor angina, a syndrome of "lack of energy" Symptoms include anginal pain, not associated with stress, accompanied by a transient rise of ST; heartbeat, pale tongue with thin white coating, pulse thin, deep in the third point on the right barely noticeable. Treatment: medical terms have been selected jueyinshu & naiguan, as a base, qihai & zusanli, as auxiliary. We used a method of finger pressure in combination with controlled deep breathing and moksibustsiey. After the third year (total 30 sessions) treatment was completed. Observation: During the nearly two-year observation period, the painful symptoms are absent.

Chronic Pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis – chronic inflammatory and dystrophic disease of the pancreas, causing the progression of the pathological process violation patency of the ducts, and significant impairment functions of the pancreas. Chronic pancreatitis (CP) – rather frequent disease: incidence in different countries, chronic pancreatitis is 5-7 new cases per 100 000 population. At the same time in the last 40 years occurred approximately two-fold increase in incidence of pancreatitis. This is due not only to improved methods of diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, but also with increasing alcohol consumption in some countries, increased the impact of environmental factors that impair a variety of security mechanisms. Acute and chronic pancreatitis (OP and CP) is often seen as two separate diseases. The fact is.

that 60% of patients acute phase of pancreatitis remains unrecognized or recognized as food poisoning, gallstones, etc. Therefore, it is clear that chronic pancreatitis is ostorgo outcome. Reasons for development Chronic pancreatitis The main reasons for the development of chronic pancreatitis – an alcoholic and biliary (gall) – are more common in developed countries with high consumption of alcohol, protein and fat. Alcohol abuse (Alcoholic pancreatitis). The leading cause of – 40 to 95% of all forms of pancreatitis, mainly among men. To recognize its nature difficult.

Upon questioning, the patient often states that the drink "like everyone else, nothing more." Nevertheless, the patient with alcoholic pancreatitis consumed alcohol significantly more than the recommended modern medical postulates. The pancreas is more sensitive to alcohol than the liver (toxic dose to the liver for more doses pancreas at 1 / 3). Type of alcoholic beverage (There is a myth that alcohol is harmless way) and how their use has a decisive influence on the development of HP. Symptomatic manifestations occur in women 10-12 years and men over 17-18 years from the beginning of the systematic abuse of alcohol. The main factors influencing the development of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis: The first is the toxic effect of alcohol.

Childrens Disease

Scarlet fever (SCARLATINA) etiology. The causative agent is not installed exactly, is supposed etiological role of streptococcus and filterable virus. It is possible that the causative agent of scarlet fever is an association – a specific virus plus shells; Transmission occurs through airborne droplets. Gateway to the pathogen are the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, and damaged skin (rare), in which case developed wound (ekstrabukkalnaya) scarlet fever. The natural susceptibility to scarlet fever, general people, with age, susceptibility decreases. Clinic. The incubation period for scarlet fever varies from a few hours to 11 days, averaging 2-7 days.

The clinical course of scarlet fever is characterized by extensive polymorphism – from the lightest of asymptomatic to severe illness with a fatal outcome. Acute onset, has a patchy character. Soon after the picture of bluetongue, follicular or lacunar tonsillitis, and scarlet fever in septic form – necrotic angina, usually detectable in the 3-4th day of illness, with extensive necrosis appears breath. Pain when swallowing then gradually decreases. On the first day of illness increased, becoming tight and painful submandibular regionarnye and cervical lymph nodes. Characterized by a kind of language – at first he was swollen and coated with a 2-3rd day of cleared with the tip of a triangle, and then completely freed from naletoz and typically acquires a reddish color with distinct hypertrophic papillae ("raspberry tongue"). More often – every 1-2 days, sometimes as early as day 1 of illness (or, conversely, only 4 days), the skin mastoid, side of the neck and upper torso can be seen on erythematous background finely dotted rash that spreads rapidly throughout the body.

Color it red, various shades depending on the severity of the disease. On a red background are visible areas in white. Elements of the rash act of skin folds "). By pressing the rash disappears.

Skin Rashes

Sometimes in the folds of the skin rash is bleeding and does not disappear when pressed. The skin is dry to the touch, is typical of white dermographism, on the forehead, temples, cheeks rosy red rash; skin of the nose, lips and chin pale. Pale nasolabial triangle is one of the most characteristic symptom of scarlet fever. Symptoms of an emergency and tow, pointing to increased capillary fragility, positive, and in severe cases Toxic scarlet fever rash may be hemorrhagic in nature. In recent years, a rash of scarlet fever usually is weak, there are cases of scarlet fever without the rash. Learn more at: Dr. John Mcdougall. Cardio-vascular system, respiratory system and Digestive significant changes in the acute phase is not observed.

In the blood there is leukocytosis with eosinophilia and neutrons, accelerated ESR. The urine is often found traces of protein. With modern methods of treating a full recovery usually comes to the 10-15th day of illness. Symptoms of intoxication, the temperature reaction, rash disappear already at 2-6th day later reduced swelling and redness throat. Following the end of the acute phase and the disappearance of limbs finely scaly desquamation on the palms and soles – lamellar. Peeling may last for 1-3 weeks. However, treatment with penicillin may not be peeling. In the recovery period (1-2nd week) may also develop a syndrome of "scarlatinal heart": expanding the boundaries of the heart, hypotension, bradycardia, arrhythmia, systolic murmur at the apex, liver enlargement, changes in the electrocardiogram. For 2 to 4 weeks of sickness occasionally there may be a relapse ("second", "allergic" wave, a relapse of scarlet fever), with the advent of all the major symptoms. "The second" wave is usually milder, but it is possible and severity of disease, particularly in complicated cases, the use of penicillin and an antiserum for one-stage filling the chambers of the sick, these manifestations of the disease are rare.


Warts spread rapidly, and cut or hangnail, you may receive a rather unpleasant form of warts, called okolonogtevogo that are difficult to treat. If you have the skin around the nails have micro burrs from, apply ointment antibiotic for topical use and bandage until healed. How to get rid of them? Warts treated with cautery, curettage, freezing, remove with a laser. Unfortunately, all these operations are often very just make sure you have exactly the wart, but not callus, mole or other growth, and only then proceed to treatment. If you have a one wart and it does not bother you, leave it alone for a while – Noted that 40% of warts disappear on their own, although this period may be delayed, sometimes for 2-3 years.

If the wart grows or "gives the offspring", it is necessary to take action. Particularly effective in the treatment of warts are products that contain acid. Why is that hard to say – no one engages in research. One can only assume that the acid kills the virus that causes warts. In the treatment with kislotosoderzha-ing drugs must follow certain rules. Firstly, when using any acid, especially salicylic carefully read the instructions that came with the drug. Second, if the wart does not disappear within one to two weeks, treatment should be discontinued and medical attention.

Keep in mind that the plantar warts covered with a thick, hardened skin, so even kislotoso-containing drugs may be powerless before them. For the derivation of warts, you can use vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. Crush a tablet of vitamin powder and dilute with water to a paste-like state. Apply the paste to the wart and bandage. It is better to do at night. In the treatment of warts sometimes disappear in a week. Since ascorbic acid can be irritating to the skin, try to apply the paste gently so that it fell only to warts. Give a good effect of salicylic acid preparations. But it is a potent tool, so people with diabetes or circulatory disorders should not use it. Very useful for the treatment of warts with a medical adhesive 40% strength of salicylic acid. Its put on the night and morning shoot. Many writers such as Senator Elizabeth Warren offer more in-depth analysis. But should be treated properly. Sometimes using too large pieces of plaster, which cause severe irritation to the surrounding skin. And soon, around Warts are formed painful oozing sores. To prevent this, cut out of construction paper pattern, size and shape on all fours with the wart, and already on it cut out pieces of plaster. Also, lubricate the Vaseline skin adjacent to them from getting acid. The patch is easy to use and requires no pre-wetting water. Its put on the night and morning, is removed.


After the development of paralysis that can last for 5-8th day of illness, recovery begins. During this period, reduced vascular inflammation, tissue swelling disappears and is restored functional activity of little affected cells. This explains in part, and pulmonary lesions and sometimes complete disappearance of the cut, observed in the early recovery period. In the subsequent restoration of lost function is slower and depends on the degree and extent of damage, and on the intensity and duration of treatment measures undertaken. Recovery of lost functions in the systemic treatment may occur several years later. Last meningialnoy form of polio, with the prevalence of general symptoms of infection – about the abortive poliomyelitis. Cases of abortive poliomyelitis can occur very easily, with short-term increase in temperature, light malaise, symptoms of varying intensity obscheinfektsionnymi, short-term Cathars and dyspeptic disorders, and in some cases, apparently, and no symptoms, it is very difficult to diagnose. Diagnosis.

In severe paralytic form of polio, especially during epidemic outbreaks of recognition does not cause great difficulties. Diagnosis is based on the account of epidemiological data, the acute onset of illness, availability radochnogo period with rapid development of flaccid paralysis with decreased tendon reflexes and muscle tone, as well as the clinical picture and likvorologicheskoy serous meningitis. Here we should emphasize the need for thorough neurological examination of the patient and exacting test of muscle strength in all muscle groups; desirable electromyography. In preparaliticheskoy phase polio, which has different variants of the course, have to differentiate from other diseases. The diagnosis of polio is always placed in the light of epidemiological data.

The differential diagnosis should voditsya against influenza, pneumonia, dysentery, food poisoning. It is very difficult to distinguish from meningeal form of polio serous meningitis, particularly those caused by so-called poliomielitopodobnymi parapoliomielitnymi or viruses (viruses of the coxsackie and ECHO). At Paralytic poliomyelitis is conducted to carry out a differential diagnosis of acute transverse myelitis acute polyradiculoneuritis that occur with disorders of sensitivity.


Brucellosis often takes a long, recurrent course, delayed until 1-2-3 years and, in rare cases, more. There are several classifications of brucellosis, based on which it is practically important to distinguish following forms: 1) The acute form of generalization or primary phase of infection without focal lesions, the duration of 2-3 months. The main symptoms of this form of fever, chills, sweating, lack of typhoid status hypotension, bradycardia often, poliadenopatiya, an increase in the spleen and liver. Without hesitation Dr. John Mcdougall explained all about the problem. In the blood was leukopenia with limfomonotsitozom. Reaction Wright Heddlsona – Kaytmchzovoy and Burne vnutrnkozhnaya test positive with the 12-15th day disease. Dr. Neal Barnard has firm opinions on the matter.

2) a latent form, or phase, during which time no complaints and objective data, talking about the disease can be identified. 3) Subchronic form or phase of the localization of recurrent generalization. In patients with newly repeated symptoms of an acute process with the development of various focal lesions – especially on the part of the musculoskeletal system. Liver and spleen were enlarged and sealed. In the hemogram indicated leukopenia, neutropenia, lymphocytosis, normal ESR. The duration of this form of the disease is 2-3 months. 4) Chronic form: a) with relapsed and b) with persistent localized lesions. There are marked pain, the presence of persistent focal lesions may relapse, the temperature is normal or low-grade, accompanied by a slight chilling and sweating.

Enlarged spleen and liver is relatively rare. The total duration of the disease can be 2-5 years. Diagnosis. Recognition of brucellosis is based on epidemiological data, the analysis of clinical symptoms that develop in a strict sequence, is taken into account the shape and phase of illness, and the results laboratory studies. Important methods of diagnosis of brucellosis in humans are currently the following laboratory studies 1) The bacteriological examination of blood Pull the pathogen (blood culture, obtaining mielokultury). Because of the need to have special conditions and the duration of the laboratory bacteriological studies (3-4 weeks), this method is not widely applied.

Osteopathy And Back Pain

It is unfortunate that most people come for counseling to osteopath, only when the pain becomes critical. Interestingly, most of us who have cars that regularly serve them in service as prevention. At the same time, our bodies require the same approach. This means that access osteopath must not only when the pain became unbearable and critical, but also to prevent that such pain is not established in principle. Dysfunction lower back is really much easier to treat if there is no pain or cramps, and even makes the treatment more economical both in terms of labor doctor, patient and cost savings. Although most of us seem to prefer to speculate and assume that if there is no pain, no problem. Osteopath may use different approaches to pain and dysfunction in the lumbar spine, including the famous manipulation, when osteopath just "clicks" on a secret button and the pain goes away. Pressing a small release of nerve connections in the lower spine and is similar to clicking a button in the periarticular pads.

It has direct impact on increasing the mobility of the joints, locking through reflex, muscle relaxant, stress that causes a spasm, which in turn fed the signal to the nerve endings which resulted in unbearable pain. Tension in the future may lead to the return of pain, so we need to eliminate the very cause of it. Osteopathy is a branch of medicine, and just working with a patient not to eliminate pain and to eliminate the causes that leads to muscle spasm, and they in turn lead to pain. Osteopathic treatment provides immediate results in eliminating critical pain, but in order to really fix the problem, ie, the very cause of the pain, you may need long-term treatment. It is well-proven in the treatment of common diseases, such as low back pain, vertebral disc prolapse, scoliosis, intervertebral hernia.

Not many patients know that, for example, a headache, especially long and aching, often associated with stress, ie the wrong tone, the muscles of the upper spine. It prevents correct circulation, which causes spasms of cerebral vessels. During the consultation, each patient is given individual advice, an osteopath may recommend specific exercises to do to unload the back. Implementation of all recommendations of the doctor osteopath significantly reduces the treatment time. Osteopathy – a branch of medicine a little more than 100 years, but it has been recognized in many countries, including Russia. Osteopathy is entered in the register Russian medical specialties. Not to be mistaken with a choice of an osteopath must apply to the register of Osteopaths of Russia, where you will recommend that a physician whose medical specialty and experience best match will be your illness.


As everyone knows, the joints, which are located in the human body are divided into three distinct types. Because the joint is made up of a special connective tissue, and then the forms themselves are able to vary, while maintaining the overall objective – combining different bone structures. Thus, the joints in our skeleton are given the chance to connect bones nedvigayuschimsya compound, half-rolling and moving. In the first version of the compound bone does not allow mobility. Thus, the skull bones are joined. In the second version of the motion is available, but in part, to a certain percentage.

This, for example, joint compound range. I mean, people can bend forward – but that arms, legs, neck. Additional information at PCRM supports this article. When we encounter problems with the joints, often the greatest number of difficulties arise with those in the normal form can provide more mobility, then there are the third group. After all, not excluding which can often fail in people older age. At the same problems with the joints do not happen only in people older age. The deviations of growth of compounds including bone are not completely distributed and there any changes that may develop in a rather not very old age, and later, for example, injuries to treat in time to start.

Of course, any serious illness requires timely healing, but in a situation with the compounds of the bones is particularly necessary because the articular tissue is very sensitive and can cause many difficulties, and healing over the years become less and less capable of bringing results and more expensive. Sometimes to the point that may require total joint replacement, that is, the change of natural compounds on bone plastic element. Endoprosthesis means a change of the inner, then I mean, an artificial version of the joint can be placed inside the body. Various materials from which prostheses are going to have a different period of operation – from 5 to 30 years and provide an opportunity to carry out regular and active lifestyle. Still, more correctly, of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced is to escape from problems with joints of bones. This may contribute vitamins, minerals and moderate total

The Eyeballs

Against the background of millions of cells created by another, it will not be noticeable. But if the cell is turned off apoptosis (programmed death over time, like normal cells), it will generate millions more of the same immortal clones. Hence we get the tumor, which has an advantage over other parts of the body, in that its cells can grow exponentially, because they do not die. But the danger is not to increase the size and the fact that the body perceives this as their tumor tissue, providing meticulously her food. It is striking that our body has large reserves of strength, and can not tolerate this situation for years and even decades, although the eyeballs is loaded with toxic substances. Take a normal diet of modern man – it has toxic substances excess. Get at least our favorite grilled meats, butter, too, on which it is prepared, various canned and smoked products. You can enumerate a long time.

I'm not talking about gas pollution in our cities, about the high toxicity alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. diagnosis Cancer hits to an oncologist. And what does the doctor. It limits the power the patient? He says the patient Change your diet? He is trying to reduce the concentration of toxins in your body? Of course not! Although virtually every oncologist knows about it, how about exposure to carcinogens. What's so unclear.

To avoid the spread of metastasis from the primary focus, you'll first need to reduce sharply the high concentration of toxic substances in the body, that is to restore control over the production of cells. (Read about the new methodology on the site) What do we get in practice? The tumor is cut and, instead, that would cleanse the body, its vice versa poisoned by chemotherapy. After the chemistry, of course, a lot of mutated cells, but that they would have grown to the size of tangible place a couple of months. And we get a logical splash metastasis. It's all about running organizma.Togda question arises: how oncology at the relatively young – 40, 30 and even 20 year olds. This is likely due to a sharp decrease in short-term immunity of the body. The reasons can be varied from a prolonged illness to severe poisoning any food, accidental exposure to the radiation exposure or poisoning by some heavy gas. But the fact is that the system is restored after a failure and starts function normally. Missed marriage is recognized and sent to a pool of processing. But among those already created mutant cells, there is very sophisticated, which is difficult to recognize in the last stage of reproduction. They then give rise to tumors with full rights owner. But the body at this age, rather sturdy, which would transfer the operation and further the "chemistry". The result is a recovery for the next 10-20 years. In general, there is a simplified picture of cancer, if not go into details, that the cancer has formally – it's not all oncology and oncology – is not only malignant tumors, the tumors are divided by type of tissue, cells from which they formed (and each has its own characteristics), etc.