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Nha Trang

Not without reason this place has long been called "the land of spices, sea swallows (salanganov). In the distance one can see the island Yen, covered with lush tropical greenery, where each year is collected for nests preparation of traditional herbal tonic drink 'Bird's Nest' and exotic dishes, prepares soup from birds' nests, or so-called 'bird nest soup from Ian'. Holidays in Vietnam you can spend in one of the most prestigious Hotels in Nha Trang – Evason Ana Mandara & Six Senses Spa 5 *. Ana Mandara has opened a few years ago but is already popular among holidaymakers. Many offer tours to Vietnam to stay here.

The hotel perfectly combines the simplicity, naturalness, intimacy with elegance and excellent service level. Featuring a colorful style of the Vietnamese countryside and has its own equipped beach. Anna Mandara fulfills its title, which is translated from the ancient Cham language means "beautiful home for guests'. The hotel is ideal for family holidays and for the newlyweds. Located 2 km. from the center of Nha Trang, on the first line, among the tropical forest.

Total at 74 rooms of various categories, including 35 Garden View Room, 11 Sea View Room, 24 Deluxe Sea View Villa and 4, Ana Mandara Suite. The rooms offer views of tropical gardens or the bay. The bathrooms include a Jacuzzi and shower. Each room has everything you need: air conditioning, satellite tv, telephone with direct dialing, safe, DVD-player, Internet access (on request), mini-bar, coffee maker, hair dryer. Service at the hotel include two restaurants, European and Asian cuisine, bars, swimming pools, business center, clothing store, laundry room, conference room, rental cars and motorcycles, organizing tours and cruises. Fans of outdoor activities will find in Nha Trang entertainment for every taste: diving center, beach volleyball, table football, water sports, table tennis, billiards, tennis court, spa salon 'Six Senses Spa', sauna, steam room, whirlpool, fitness center, evening entertainment in the traditional style. You can only add that in addition to the natural beauty and wonderful climate, Another undoubted advantage of the holiday in Vietnam is its cheapness – restaurants, lodging, shopping, services, all kinds of entertainment here are ten times lower in comparison with other countries in Southeast Asia.

Basket Provence

If you rested on the Cote d'Azur, then from there you can bring the original and a nice souvenir (for grandparents, parents, and just friends), and do it yourself. To buy this: wicker picnic basket (Inside it is lined with a linen cloth with embroidery and zavyazochkami) glass bottle for olive oil with a special dispenser (often hand-painted bottles such images leaves, olives, etc.), color bags filled with lavender, a special bowl for olives. Usually they are made from ceramics and are attached to bones in a pot and a vase or toothpick ; poppy syrup – it is a feature of Provence, a packet of various seasonings for the food of Provence, special cans for the condiments; bottle vina.Vse need it wrapped in a yellow or red corrugated paper and put in the basket. Get an interesting and original gift, which will help to convey the spirit of Provence. Educate yourself with thoughts from Assurant Health. As you know, Paris is a trendsetter trendy scents and flavors. It was in Paris is a world famous museum of perfume Fragonard. " Sure, you bring great pleasure to walk with a guided tour of its rooms. You will be surprised how difficult it actually cooking aromas.

Any woman, no doubt, be delighted to such a wonderful gift – a bottle of spirits with an indescribable scent of her dreams. But a huge selection of all kinds of perfumes, toilet waters and perfumes make the choice of gift is very complicated. You will have a very good try to choose exactly what you need. Among other things, France renowned worldwide for its unique tapestries. The history of tapestry has about three hundred years.

In our time, the tapestry is again becoming fashionable element of interior decoration. Its scope is very broad: paintings, murals, blankets, pillows, chair covers, tablecloths and so on. In the manufacture of tapestry only use natural materials: wool, cotton, viscose, silk. If you want to give your friends something like that, that can become a highlight in the interior of their home or even office, the tapestry – the right acquisition. Tapestries are very broad stylistic direction – from the indescribably complex reproductions of old masterpieces, to modern mural, created based on sketches of prominent designers. Believe me, the effect of such gift exceeds your expectations. It is not all that rich and famous France. This is – just a small part of what can be found in this amazing and beautiful country. So please be money, enthusiasm and go for it!

Cultural Diversity

Turkey! Amazing and fascinating country with a rich history. More than one hundred and even thousands of years create culture and way of life that Turkey as we know it today. We must not forget that the light mantle of modern hotels and various entertainment, hides the true face of this land, reflecting its history. Many tourists come to Turkey (especially the first time), do not tend to see its attractions, visit historic monuments and architecture. But in vain. Because the land is still keeping the memory of great men and events. That in the lands of modern Turkey once stood unbroken Troy, near the walls of which fought two great warriors – Achilles and Hector.

The lands of modern Turkey when something went uncontrolled aggressive march of the great Alexander of Macedon with his army. Ancient cities such as Ephesus, Miletus, Didyma, still keep inexpressible words spirit of the era. Antique Theatre, Muslim mosques and Christian churches – all the attractions of Turkey's land is described in two words. Among the other attractions in Turkey can also be isolated and located here are two of the seven wonders of the world, which everyone has heard in his childhood. This is the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. First built in the ancient city of Ephesus, which was founded by the ancient Greeks as early as 12 century bc. er.

Unfortunately, time and looting, which The temple has been repeatedly in the past, almost turned it into ruins, but even in this state is the place breathes majesty and keeps the memory of the glory of this great nation. The Mausoleum is located in another ancient city – Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum) – represented the tomb of King Mausolus. By the way, to even one of the wonders of light from the west coast of Turkey, they say, a stone's throw: the Greek island of Rhodes, where you can get on the ship, was once a giant Colossus. All these monuments – architectural marvels and scientific thought – and still continue to engage the views of thousands of people from around the world, silently recalling the grandeur of the ancient world. Total tell about the sights of Turkey is not enough, and ten of these articles. Numerous wonderful lake Isparta, tombstones, carved in the rocks near Demre (in ancient times – the world) and much more deserves a separate description. Each time, coming back to this amazing country, you can discover more and more of its countless mysteries. Perhaps then we could at least slightly to look under the cover, concealing the true beauty of this eastern beauty, whose name – Turkey!

Nuremberg City Room

Nuremberg goes down in history because of its meeting: in 1050 the city was first mentioned in the documents, namely, in connection with the prince's Diet, which the Emperor Henry iii convenes all in Nuremberg. Thus, since 1356 and Over the following centuries, every novopomazanny German Emperor spends here his first Imperial Diet (Reichstag). In 1650 in Nuremberg, the world's great for a meal at that time decided to end the Thirty Years' War after the Westphalian peace agreement. The atmosphere of Nuremberg, his openness to the world and the ability to integrate them have served as an important foundation to lay the foundation for this new development. The central point of Europe Approximately in 1500 the great mathematician Regiomontan, which was characteristic of a sober calculation of the figures and facts, has designated a central point of the European Free imperial city of Nuremberg. Surely, he thought so, not only in terms of point crossing the road system, where twelve major roads from different countries join the European continent as a light beam into five main gate of the fortified city walls of Nuremberg. And not just in terms of modern calculus by which one day 1.266 van is rolled into the city – among them, from Riga, Kiev, Istanbul, Lyon, Brussels, Antwerp and Venice, and perhaps as much loaded with up to the top valuable "Nuremberg junk" left over from it. Probably Regiomontan had in mind and not only that the Nuremberg, with data stored in it jewels of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, the city's favorite German emperor, which were Imperial Diet, was standing in the foreground.