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There are several ways to treat the hemorroides. You can use antihemorrhoidal creams (not more than 5-7 day, because they can cause more bleedings), you can take analgesic that to only they will clear you the pain, you can ponerte cold ice bags or can operarte, something that is very painful.

But now product has that is 100% natural, that cures the hemorroides to you, in only 48h.sin pain and with guarantee satisfaction. If it does not go you well they give back the money to the 60 days of the purchase. You do not have anything to lose yes and much that to win. You imagine verte frees of your hemorroides in so just a short time and without pain? The different haemmerhoids. Existen CONSISTS surgical procedures. By means of the conventional surgery the hemorroides external interns extripan themselves and.

When it does not have external hemorroides and the main symptom is prolapse (exit of the hemorroides) is feasible to realise the treatment with a mechanical suture, that allows to reintroduce them and to fix them so that they do not return to prolapsar. Te post-operative one usually is quite painful. – Hemorrhage. – Infection (abcesos, fistulas, spsis). – Estenosis (diminution of the caliber of the anus). – Recidiva or persistence of the disease. – Incontinence (loss of the capacity to retain gases or faecal matter). – Some patients must be reoperados by some of these complications. You can avoid all these complications with a natural method 100% and guarantee of satisfaction. COMPRUEBALO I wait for haberte Here helped. Original author and source of the article.