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Care Glass

Create a garden is one of the activities most satisfactory that we can undertake, as well as relatively simple and economical, but for our efforts bear the fruit that we look forward, we must take care of our plants and gardens care for your plants and flowers is importantissimo, and they instead us regalaran a healthy life full of light and aromas. Here are some simple tips to caring for your plants. The increase or decrease of temperatures in houses can affect plants and make sick them. We will simply expose some of the most common symptoms found in the plant when it begins to get sick, it is important that we take action as soon as possible to act directly on the disease before it becomes irreversible. If you observe that the stems are rotten and will bending and falling, look at the base of the plant, surely it is wet in excess. In this case not to be watered as often, waits for the ground to dry and then water them again. The leaves may look burned, it is possible that if the rays of the Sun that cross is near a window the glass burning leaves by the magnifying glass effect.

Remove immediately from that area so not it touches the Sun through glass. Sometimes a general deterioration is observed in plants, they are a sad aspect, without force. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. John Mcdougall by clicking through. A factor that may influence them is that they are exposed to a stream of air. Never place them in areas where there are strong currents such as corridors or passageways. Some plants take a crooked position and grow with strange forms, notes if they grow towards the light, sometimes it is due to lack of clarity. Move it to a place that is better lighted. With these simple tips lograras cultivate a garden healthy and your plants will it appreciate