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Battery Electronics

The battery Electronics is a percussion instrument in which the sound is produced through an electronic wave generator or sampler, unlike vibration caused by sound waves in the acoustic drums. The battery Electronics is divided into a set of drums, usually of wood, covered by two patches, one beating and other resonant. These drums may vary its size, modifying the tone and depth of sound and thus altering the sensitivity on the resonant head. The battery electronics, as well as traditional batteries, is accompanied by essential dishes, and other accessories such as cowbell, tambourines, blocks of wood, etc. The battery Electronics is an instrument magnificent.

One of the most particular features of an electronic drum kit is that you can attach headphones. You can learn to play the drums electronica such as any other battery packs since their behavior is the same as in a normal drum kit. With electronic batteries You also when much more than with other batteries, how to make strange sounds. Hitting the pad, can lead to almost any sound you want: play the sound of keyboards, guitar, bass, wind instruments, voices,. The choice of being able to create a lot of sounds of different instruments and control volume are some of the characteristics by which electronic batteries are so popular.

You can also change the tone and add resonance or echo effects. Electronic batteries are widely used in almost all musical styles, but rap is undoubtedly style that used it. Several famous drummers have changed their traditional batteries with electronic batteries at some point in their careers, thus for example Travis Barker, the former drummer of Blink-182, used an electric battery on his last album. Original author and source of the article