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Gothic Art

Painting and Fouquet and Clouet graphics, sculpture Goujon and Pilon, locks the time of Francis 1, Palace of Fontainebleau and the Louvre, the poetry of Ronsard and Rabelais's prose, philosophical experiments Montaigne-all this bears the stamp of the classic understanding of the forms of strict logic, rationality, developed a sense of elegant – that is, thing that is fully embodied in a XVP. in the philosophy of Descartes, in the drama of Corneille and Racine, in the painting by Poussin and Lorrain. In the literature, the formation of the classic direction associated with the name of Pierre Corneille, the great poet and creator of the French theater. In 1635, in Paris, organized by the Academy of Literature, and classicism become the official direction of the dominant literary course recognized by the court. In the field of fine art the process of formation of classicism was not so common.

In the architecture of the first outlines the features of the new style, although they do not fold completely. In Luxembourg Palace, built for the widow of Henri IV, the regent Marie de Medici, de Salomon Bros, many taken from the Gothic and Renaissance architecture, but the facade is already a member warrant, that would be characteristic of Classicism. 'Maison Lafitte' Francois Mansart at the complexity of the volume is a single entity, jar-ing, gravitating to the classic rules of design. In painting, the situation was complicated, because here intertwined influ-yaniya Mannerism and Flemish Italian Baroque. On French painting of the first half of this century has had an impact and karavadzhizm, and realistic art of Holland. In any case, the work of the Le Nain brothers, these effects can be traced clearly. In pictures Louis Lenena no narrative, illustrative, strictly thought and composition is static, the details carefully checked and selected for the expression of primarily ethical, moral foundation of the product.

Life Artists

Should be considered as a separate genre marina, a marine landscape. He has a number of features associated with the image of the sea. A special genre of painting called Still Life (dead nature), includes pictures, depicting objects around us. Still Life is sometimes referred to laboratory work. It has attracted many artists and innovators: Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, primarily because of the "laboratory" the greatest artists can focus attention on the image of objects through the very art form, not complicated plot, and other tasks.

In some cases, the artist concerned primarily the transfer of material, texture subjects, in others – plastic forms. In Holland, the genre was called not a "dead nature", and "quiet life", and small-sized still lifes, the old Dutch masters, in fact, rather than form, and "portraits" of things, a glass thin glass, emerges from a dark background with one or two highlights, truly call; pulp a cut lemon filled with juice; precious antique silver shimmers. Flemish still-life ought to be called lush life-so filled with large canvases of all kinds of eatables. For Picasso and Braque still life-forms on complex analysis of the plane to Cezanne – tangible, solid, weighty mass of objects, their plastic construction. But in the final ultimately inspiring artists in the performance of still lifes most beautiful things of the world around us. We briefly stopped at the genres of painting, because it is this form of art peculiar to the greatest genre diversity. The main function of genre-ordering of content. Thus, considering the thematic picture, we do not seek to elucidate the nature of each character by itself, first of all attention is directed to interaction of characters, in a portrait, by contrast, did not significantly interact, and the character.