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Although, the shyness is not considered an illness it of the clinical point of view, is, without a doubt, many an obstacle to be looser, since a great parcel of the population has difficulty of if relating with strangers. In some extreme cases, the people at least do not obtain to speak with the other. The causes are many that generate this situation: traumatic or humilhantes experiences, real or imaginary fears, or the familiar relations. But as to win the shyness? The first step to win the shyness is to identify the root of its problem, stops later initiating the transformation process. Evidently, that he is not possible to make this of solitary form, being, most of the time, necessary the accompaniment of a qualified professional. That is, if the fear and the anxiety will be in a very high level, are recommendable the search for a professional doctor, who can be a psychiatrist. Made this, it can be left for another stage of the process that is to search half to surpass this question.

In first place, it is basic to control the anxiety and this is made in a very simple way: through the breath. Later, it is to reaprender to talk with the people looking in the eyes, therefore it always keeps the visual contact, preventing the compulsion in deviating the look of the person with who is speaking. If you to arrive in surrounding a total strange one, start to observe each detail and to take a walk for the place. He distracts its mind, making with that negative thoughts and the fear of if relating with the other do not gain force and they do not allow that you interact with who you will be in the place. He still looks for to face the situations that leave to it more shy or with a degree of bigger anxiety, and commemorates when to notice that sensation of discomfort was surpassed.

Some methods exist that they aim at to attenuate the shyness, however, the best form to transpose this obstacle are to be you yourselves, are to place its personality, its mark in that makes and to leave to follow standards or styles that do not belong to it. With a style proper – not only in the clothes, but over all in the life – all person acquires security and nimbleness, even though, most shy. She still learns to explore its qualities and either authentic in everything what she makes. Another tip is to learn to receive compliments. Many people are encabuladas when they receive a compliment, therefore if this to happen, is only thankful, and nothing to give answers as ' ' She imagines, is impression sua' ' or others of the sort. But, she will be that she is possible to win the shyness without if collating with its fears? Impossible. Then, it is necessary also to learn to be rejected, namely to hear NOS, to learn to deal with the frustrations and to understand that in the same way that we do not please in them of everybody, the other people have the right of not pleasing itself of people. From then on, it is more easy the autoaceitao.

Chronic Happiness

The happiness is as the sun the happiness is as the sun, you has that to look for to enjoy. Exist people who do not learn to look for? since very early they want that everything its return comes to it to fall to its hands as if moved for a miracle the holy ghost. There when growing if they give account that the world does not conspire to bring happiness to that they only wait. My mother said: ' ' she has to make for donde' ' ' ' Who wait always alcana' ' If alone to understand this ' ' espera' ' how verb to wait is logical that we do not go to reach nothing? why nobody reaches swims waiting. But if to understand ' ' espera' ' as one ' ' foco' ' one ' ' expectativa' ' or one ' ' objetivo' ' , certainly, we can have certainty of that our expectation anger if to carry through. The Bible in the sample accurately as if must proceed when if objective something. Who says is Jesus de Nazar? according to Mateus.

Ped, and will give you; you search, and you will find; you beat and will confide you. Therefore all what it asks for, it receives; who search, finds; what it beats, one will confide it. TM. 7, 7-8 Is this? who search finds. Why? as Pablo Rabbit the world conspires its favor? in my opinion it is not the world that is really if moving to satisfy our wills? I believe that our directions are activated in way that we more acquire a sharpened direction in seeing and feeling the chances that if bind to our objectives. We conclude that? we have to learn ' ' querer' ' or in the word of Jesus? we have of ' ' pedir' ' – because who asks for receives? clearly that the order has of being a realizable order, that is, possible.

Chronic Words

As well as some words they have the modified use as the time, others are fished of times for well old times. Example: governana, prol (in favor of), and sarau. They are archaisms that come being used to the times until as sufficiently frequency. Others present new directions. Today nobody search nothing, only SEARCH. Banished word of the present time continues is, only exists FOLLOWS, despite they are not well synonymous; by the way, rare so.DEMANDA, that it was of the jargon of the Right and the Economy, today serves for many situations.

It is seen in the periodicals that the city halls ENTER estragos of floods, when before only Counting and Technician in Accounting — they entered. But to conclude: few agencies of the press grafam correctly FIRST. What we read is a DEGREE. for speaking in importation, the Americans in had given two contributions to them: ' ' You are me usando' ' , and ' ' Where he is that v.pensa that he goes? ' '. thus walks our language, the Portuguese of Brazil, that of Portugal is another one sufficiently different. Valley to remember, to conclude, the tremendous error that was the Reformation recent Ortogrfica: to try to unify things you did not unify.


What it will take the human being to nourish for another one, or others, a negative feeling, when times behind had love? Envy? Frustration? The fact is that a time amargurados, men and women start to disdain strong what strong also already they land on water. But still thus, what it motivates the hatred, lovelessness, the maledicncia against that had been part of its history? It will have been a so strong hurt that that one becomes incapable to win the abyss of pain that was stops backwards? In many truths and justifications, it has, yes, a factor that supports as many feelings negatives against one or some people: the disillusionment. Leaving I begin of it that only we hate to that already we love one day – including the hatred gratuitous, that comes arraigado in the many previous lives – the anger, the sadness, the incompreenso fortifies the disaffection however fed for the will to see the other to suffer. In the friendship relations, not having sincerity, loyalty, harmony to appreciate reciprocal, nor if it will be able to call the convivncia friendship; on the other hand, a time disappointed, the former-friend will see itself covered of reason when xingar, depreciating, to stain image of that one to who already loved and dedicated the best feelings.