Substance Medicates

Science is ‘ ‘ a process, an activity human being, for which the man if relates with the nature aiming at to the understanding and posterior denomination and use in its proper benefcio’ ‘ (DI STASI (1996). According to BORTOLOTTO (1999), the etnocincia searchs to understand as the world is perceived, known and classified for diverse cultures human beings. According to DI STASI (1996), the use of the vegetal species as form of treatment and cure of illnesses comes of the beginning of the civilization. From this moment the man woke up for the conscience and started to handle the natural resources for its benefit. Practical this that exceeded barriers and obstacles during the evolution of the plants and arrived until our days, as a form used for the majority of the world-wide population as source of efficient therapeutical resource. As CORRA et al. If you are not convinced, visit Goop London, UK.

(2000), the use of plants in the cure is a very old treatment, since the primrdios of the medicine and is based accumulates on it of information through successive generations. Soon after the empirical medicine passed if to develop, with some plants used for diverse ends. In the Old World, the first publications date of the first century after Christ, the work Substance Medicates of Dioscorides, where they had been described characteristics and properties of some medicines, in its majority of origin of the Vegetal kingdom. Many years later the medicine appears while science, opening the doors for the scientific knowledge, but the plants had continued to have prominence, remaining its use even in the current days.

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