Spontaneous Abortion

The spontaneous abortion is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks, height where the embryo could survive outside of the uterus.The spontaneous abortion also is called simply ‘ ‘ aborto’ ‘ or natural abortion.In a spontaneous abortion, the body of the woman expels the totality or part of the embryo of the placenta, and the fluid around beb. About 15 20% of the gestations they finish in spontaneous abortion, phenomenon this that can occur much of the times before exactly of a woman to perceive that it is pregnant.Spontaneous abortions in its great majority, occur before the 16 weeks of pregnancy.In the majority of the cases, the embryo dies days or weeks before the beginning of the symptoms of the spontaneous abortion.In the first weeks of pregnancy, he is sufficiently common that in many times occurs spontaneous abortion, therefore the embryo did not form itself well for the embryo, a known condition as spoiled egg. The spontaneous abortion frequent is followed by chromosomic presented for the embryo, the chromosomes is stretches of DNA that they contain genes that they determine as each human being must be developed.Chromosomic abnormalitys represent 50% of all approximately the gestations.About 95% of the time, cromossomas of the parents is normal and of the genetic abnormality it must to an only error in the embryo. In these cases, the spontaneous abortion is the form as the body reacts to interrupt a pregnancy that is not developed normally. Spontaneous abortions also can occur to exist problems with the structure of the same uterus or with the force of the col of the woman.For example, some women are born with a dividing wall that if extends throughout the center of the uterus.This partition divides all or most of the uterus in two compartments, the uterus with this form cannot accomodate a safe pregnancy.The uterus of the woman, what it will have to open during the childbirth to allow the expulsion of the embryo, to the times is very weak to inside keep the safe baby of the uterus until the correct moment of the birth.When the col of the uterus is very weak and it opens during the pregnancy, comumente is called by the doctors col imcompetent person.Problems with the structure of the uterus and the problem of the col of the uterus imcompetent person, are the causes most common of spontaneous abortion during the first period of as the trimester of pregnancy (weeks 12 the 20). Other causes of spontaneous abortion include hormonais infections and disequilibria.In rarer cases, the imunitrio system of the woman rejects the embryo or antibodies of the immune system, that can cause problems with the flow of blood in the placenta.The riots of the imunolgico system are responsible for up to 10% of the women who had had three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions.A common problem with the antibodies that can lead to the spontaneous abortion is called ‘ ‘ syndrome of the antibody antifosfolpide.’ ‘ Women with illnesses as diabetes not controlled or serious hipotireoidismo (hiperatividade of the tireoide), are inclined to a bigger risk of spontaneous abortion.The expansion of rubola (measles German) during the pregnancy has been associated with the spontaneous abortion.Ambient factors, as to smoke cigarettes and to drink alcohol during the pregnancy, can very increase and the risk of a spontaneous abortion.The spontaneous abortion is not caused by regular physical activities, lesser accidents, exercise, sex, or small falls, as it gave credit the years behind. This article was written on the basis of the declarations of the Dr.

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