Spa Journey

‘ The affirmation journey’ kidnapped the retreat participants on a journey the divine Shiva once stayed in Mauritius and the island made a universal power Center with healing according to a Hindu legend. “The soothing magic of the small island in the Indian Ocean the Ile can Maurice travellers now during the spa retreats the affirmation journey” by world of Spa consulting experience with all your senses. The holistic wellness concept is the seminar participants on the seven-day journey into the Interior of one’s personality and their body, mind and soul in the midst of a tropical environment in the southwest of the island in the balance. It is not enough to operate only wellbeing for the body. It must include also spirit and soul, including Alkistis Loukides (35), founder of the world of Spa, the ganzheitlcihe view of human well-being in words. So, the program of the retreat consists of a combination of different activities. A place seminar participants through Yoga and meditation”of everyday life from the ballast.

To the in the guided tours through the jungle, in the art therapy sessions, as well as in the experience of the Schwimmmens with wild dolphins-new energies, you serve others. “Dealing with your own body will be intensified: on the program of the affirmation journey” are therapeutic massage, learning the breathing technique as well as the EFT (emotional freedom technique). Furthermore, the participants on the basics of acupressure techniques are introduced: here certain meridian points of the body are tapped off gently loosen energetic blockades and allow energy flow. Experienced instructor are to the participants the side of in the workshops, which are held in English language. Each day ends with a film screenings. “The retreat participants of the affirmation journey” Lakaz Chamarel is surrounded by boutique hotel, a ten-acre tropical garden overlooking the ocean. Healthy and tasty cuisine, created and daily freshly prepared by a chef from France, complements the Affirmation journey”- program optimally. “Info: the Wellness Retreat affirmation journey” can be booked at 2010 and costing from 1,950 euros per person exclusive check in and check-out. The retreat will be offered on the following dates: 08.05 15.05.2010 03.07 10.07.2010 18.09 25.09.2010 04.12 11.12.2010 General information about Mauritius,. Images and further press information at.

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