Social Anxiety

MANNERING PSYCOTHERAPY COGNITIVO AND 1 – UPHEAVAL OF THE PANIC – AGORAPHOBIA It is an anxiety upheaval, that she presents yourself when the person if finds in ample place, with many people. It has duration around 1 hour or more, anxiety crisis of or fear is presented with intense, where the person has the sensation of that she goes to die, Being able still to have blurred vision, dry mouth the person feels palpitations, gasping breath, sudorese and tremors. The upheaval can be installed for a sudden event that was traumatic for the person. the source for more info. Former when the person is assaulted in one determined moment or situation, the person starts to have fear of seemed situations, what she can generate autonmico symptom, or be provoked by the fear to have fear. The illness does not have cure, but it has control through an adjusted treatment, being able to be, farmacolgico, psicoterpico through specific techniques. The stated period of the treatment will be able in accordance with to vary the reply of the patient. Treatment: It can be farmacolgico, using itself it adjusted medication more for the remission of the symptoms or treatment PCC using itself one process of desensitization displaying the person gradually to the provoking stimulatons of the illness.

2 UPHEAVAL OF SOCIAL ANXIETY The upheaval is a reaction of anxiety due one determined social situation. One becomes pathological when these symptoms are persistent and confuses the life of the person. The symptoms can be redness, sudorese, palpitations, tremors, diarricas urgencies, being able still to present itself as fear of evaluation on the part of another person, being antecipatria anxiety, that is, when the person is in the perspective to enter in feared situations, it takes the person the avoidance. The extreme anxiety can be presented in subtle way. Former when the person goes to speak in public.

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