The presence of the smallpox in colonial America can be vistano stretch: Even in the barks 1800s – several centuries to after smallpoxwas brought you the Americas – the disease swept through Indian communities inthe united state, killing between 55 and 90 percent of those who contracted it (Ashburn 1947; Crosby 1972; Shurkin 1979; Stearn and Sterarn 17 1945). This illness that possesss a tax of high mutation, tambmpode to be evidenced in the ticket: Smallpox is by nature highly contagious disease and isreadily transmitted in respiratory discharges from individuals who havecontracted the disease and ploughs in the two – week postincubation period ofinfectivity – Pregnant women also can pass the disease on to their infants inutero (Downie and Mc Carthy 1954:196. 18 One of the characteristics of the Smallpox is its infects serfeito in easy way, and these respiratory discharges sights in this citaoso a great danger where it exists an expressive demographic amount, poisalm of if spreading with easiness, if does not reveal quickly, the queaumenta the power of infects, therefore the sick person hardly will be isolated of the outrosantes that appear the symptoms, what it only happens on average as already were said, enter the 14 20 days. We can also see the resistance and power of virulence davarola in the stretch: The food, bedding, clothing, or to other possessions ofsmallpox vietins well the smallpox corpse itself also can harbor smallpox. Experiments have shown that scabs from sigle smallpox temperature will be 530days, still retains viable virus (Dixon 1962:304). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Khmer culture. Experiments of this kindgive credence you reports of raw and fished cotton serving smallpox vectors (cook 1939; Deutschmann 1961:7; Dixon 1962:303 – 7; 1945:44 steam and stearn). 19 Resistance of PovosAmerndios One of the factors that must be analyzed in this estudohistoriogrfico is the process of reminiscncia of the peoples indians, because esteajuda to understand the scene subsequent to the enormous indices of infections demuitas patologias. .

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