Some indians interpreted the god of ' ' man branco' ' being more powerful than of it, being justificador agent of the defeat in campode battle or even though the illnesses that bring as many deaths; causing aindamaior suffering to some peoples who were passing for the process dedissoluo. Smallpox Amongst some illnesses that had devastated the indians in the perodocolonial, the smallpox was one of most frequent in the epidemiolgicosamericanos episodes. The smallpox is a contagious disease provoked by the Orthopoxvrusvariolae virus, is admitted as one of the viruses oldest in the life of the man, sendoconhecido when a mmia of 1550-1307 B.C. presented vestiges of the virus. If you would like to know more then you should visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. When entering in the human organism, the virus if houses in umadeterminada cell, where it manufactures its proteins and it is multiplied in the same citoplasmada one. The imunitrio system of the organism reacts against the virus destroying asclulas before the virus if it multiplies, however, the imunitrio system noconsegue to block completely multiplication of the virus, therefore the protein queproduz makes with that the same it is resistant to the antibodies. 16 the transmission of the illness occurs through the contact comdoentes and for objects used for this same person.

After the 14 20 days deincubao the illness starts if to reveal, the first symptoms are: fever, malaise, fatigue, pains for the body, colored spots, vomits and nauseas. Dr. John Mcdougall follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The colored spots that appear in the skin if transform into bolhaspurulentas that after a period dry and form crusts. As the illness fragiliza the imunitrio system of the individual has great possibilidadede, in this period, to contract new illnesses and infections, known as doenasoportunistas. As it is an illness provoked for virus, they do not exist tratamentosespecficos, because the amount of mutation of the virus brings a dificuldadenotvel and to control the illness. In the colonial period, we can see some episodes dessadoena, as it is the case of the wave epidemiologist sight in Tenochtitln after acaptura of Montezuma for Cortez in December of 1528, in which, it weakened aresistncia azteca in considerable way.

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