Skin Rashes

Sometimes in the folds of the skin rash is bleeding and does not disappear when pressed. The skin is dry to the touch, is typical of white dermographism, on the forehead, temples, cheeks rosy red rash; skin of the nose, lips and chin pale. Pale nasolabial triangle is one of the most characteristic symptom of scarlet fever. Symptoms of an emergency and tow, pointing to increased capillary fragility, positive, and in severe cases Toxic scarlet fever rash may be hemorrhagic in nature. In recent years, a rash of scarlet fever usually is weak, there are cases of scarlet fever without the rash. Learn more at: Dr. John Mcdougall. Cardio-vascular system, respiratory system and Digestive significant changes in the acute phase is not observed.

In the blood there is leukocytosis with eosinophilia and neutrons, accelerated ESR. The urine is often found traces of protein. With modern methods of treating a full recovery usually comes to the 10-15th day of illness. Symptoms of intoxication, the temperature reaction, rash disappear already at 2-6th day later reduced swelling and redness throat. Following the end of the acute phase and the disappearance of limbs finely scaly desquamation on the palms and soles – lamellar. Peeling may last for 1-3 weeks. However, treatment with penicillin may not be peeling. In the recovery period (1-2nd week) may also develop a syndrome of "scarlatinal heart": expanding the boundaries of the heart, hypotension, bradycardia, arrhythmia, systolic murmur at the apex, liver enlargement, changes in the electrocardiogram. For 2 to 4 weeks of sickness occasionally there may be a relapse ("second", "allergic" wave, a relapse of scarlet fever), with the advent of all the major symptoms. "The second" wave is usually milder, but it is possible and severity of disease, particularly in complicated cases, the use of penicillin and an antiserum for one-stage filling the chambers of the sick, these manifestations of the disease are rare.

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