Selling Online

It’s complicated, that, first, make no mistake. There are many people who say it is very easy to earn money with your online business! But all they say it is because they already have, and have committed their errors and have your business rolling. For those who have not started, do not know what to do exactly, is normal. Many are thought to making a website and posted on the internet and is all the work. “Now, to expect” many people think. When they get tired of waiting say that “internet is not for sale.” Think that your website is a virtual storefront that is open 24 hours. You can do what everyone does, that is, look how many people have come in the window and gone, and so every day. Or you can do what few people do (and earn money) and ask your contact to send gifts! (Do not say you’re going to sell anything at the moment).

When someone enters your store open 24 hours, enters, looks and goes. Before you leave you say “Wait!” If you tell me your address, I send you a free gift. ” This person accepted because it has nothing to lose and also promise that you can unsubscribe at any time. If you have very few views, eg 5 visits per day (very little, almost nothing) that you can take the direction of three or four people a day! Ie 90 or 120 addresses per month may be interested in your business! Some do not want to give your address. Accept it, understand, nothing happens. Others will give you the address and will shut down. Accept it, understand, nothing happens. Others continue to receive information from you for free, without buying or hiring any service you.

Accept it, understand, nothing happens. Perhaps some of them, to recommend to other people your newsletter (addresses). Others and your services sooner or later, because they are concerned because they have money to invest and because you’ve given them confidence. It’s that simple. When you give directions, stored in a list of subscribers that will automtica sending e-mails to all building trust and giving free information. Summary: – Create a web (single) – Ask all visitors that they give you your address – send them free information to help them (not sell) for weeks. – You know and rely increasingly on you – Show your products and services (now I can sell). All this is done automatically (by informatics) and get thousands of calls to buy and to hire your services!

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