The perigos of the self-medication on the part of the Brazilian population Dhiego Fernandes ROMERA Michael MARASSATTO Talita FANTINATI Pontifical Thiago CAMILO University Catholic of Campinas, Campinas, SPResumo the Brazilian population almost presents that culturally, the custom to frequent pharmacies and to buy medicines and other products destined to the health, being been that this practical if carries through without the consultation of the professional had ones of the area of the health as doctors or druggists; in the search for a standard to understand the paradox of if automedicar on the part of the Brazilian population, significant relevance in the education of the Brazilians meets since infancy, as well as the fact of that the self-medication cannot only be seen in pejorativa way, and that &#039 is not about an act only; ' cultural' ' , therefore the Brazilians who if also automedicam make it due the external influences. Word-key: Self-medication; Perigos; Medicines; Health; Farmcia.Considerando the curses that they afflict the population in its day the day, as well as the intense routine that it exerts, it is reasonable that the people desire many times to decide problems related to its on account proper health, buying and making medicine use without the assent of a qualified professional, in counterpoint, the self-medication is not analyzed only of pejorativa form for the specialists. In its book ' ' Comfort of the Self-medication? Importance and perigos' ' , Prof. Dr. Irany Novah Moraes (2004) defends that the best way to prevent the illness is for the education: since infancy, in the school and the home, the basic principles of health must be taught, as already it occurs in countries of first world. It still says ' ' much if can teach to the people to minimize its pains and, teaching if to take care of it better knowing rudimentos of the illness, it will have orientation to suffer menos.' ' (Moraes, 2004, Index X).

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