Sardinia Car Hire Tours

Explore Sardinia on your own: tours and car hire tours Sardinia on your own explore and learn about country and people? The second largest island of the Mediterranean is almost ideal for individual tours, whether with your own car, motorcycle or a car: about 1850 km of coastline, barren mountains, juicy levels, dense Cork oak forests, endless wide dune landscapes: on an island tour with so many varied landscapes you no longer comes out of amazement. En route you can explore deserted beaches and coves, archaeological treasures and experience not least Sardinian culture, hospitality and cuisine. “The tour operator MMV travels from the Sardinian Cagliari in its online catalog of holiday a range of self-drive tours, put together for everyone there is something: whether magical coasts”, a cruise along the beautiful beaches and shores of Sardinia, “Sardinia times differently”, a tour of barely developed areas of the island, Comfort & enjoyment”for lovers of wellness and recreation or delicious secrets for fans of the Sardinian kitchen: each tour is a proposal and can be individually modified, adapted, extended or combined with a beach holiday. “” For active sports – and motorcycle enthusiasts, the Sardinia specialists have worked out three special offers: “Climbing and trekking” turns on free-climber and hiker and the two motorcycle tours hot tires “and across to the island” have been specifically drafted for biker friends.

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