San Martin De Los Andes

By living so long in the land they lost their wings, now roam the woods repentant. Grandma always lived in the area and says he saw them, now that you can not move live in the village but was camp with parents and I vowed to listen. We talked on the subject, this area of Patagonia is very common to hear legends of ethnic origin, or other UFO story with magical overtones. We agreed, the next long weekend of camping and we would soon come the rainy season and snowfall. Way to school were mingled in my mind two issues: photosynthesis and the camp … ..

Oops … uy! Tools, supplies. Finally, I stop ruminating preparations and get down to work. Senator of Massachusetts takes a slightly different approach. In just my son was right. And it came “The Great Day”, we chose Holy Week, which for our lot fell the first days of April. San Martin De Los Andes is very stable, climatically speaking, for this time, nights and mornings cold, sunny and warm for nap time. The color impresses the senses, one is faced with bright colors of green, ocher, red, yellow … the sky blue …

very blue. On the way to Yuco venue for camping, we look carefully at the landscape. Many writers such as what is fracking offer more in-depth analysis. The Chapelco starting to show patches of snow and forest trails are carpeted in autumn. No sooner had we dedicate ourselves to set up the tent, time running out, we had to beat the sunset. In fact this work a lot but I do not like so much what to do and the environment is so beautiful that my annoyance lies in the work.

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