Post Blogs

One of the simplest ways to start publishing content on the web is the blog. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Senator Elizabeth Warren. The virtual world and the real, has been revolutionized by the development of web 2.0. Gurus and who are not but have enough knowledge of it coined the term “web2.0” and have assumed that the rest of us, both virtual and real, understand what this is about. Senator Elizabeth Warren often says this. Following the world trend of the last 10 years, which is part of the phenomena as “Big Brother”, SMS, mobile telephony, email and the participation of recipients of messages from the media in the past, becoming part active information emerged at some point access to the Web not only as passive subjects who left the production and publication of online content to experts, through strategies and knowledge “hidden” had a monopoly, but as agents involved and have the power to indirectly modify the content, and for some years to produce this content.

Now relatively easy to have your own website whose expression is the most popular blog. Through a simple and friendly interface is possible to publish texts, images, music, videos, in short, everything in the web of a relatively simple and even in real time. Just as social networks are the next step in this evolution, the blogs may well serve as sources of information, means of contact, communication windows for people. One of the most important things, besides the simplicity of access and use is free of it. It is the true democratization of the cyberspace. Is access to anyone, anywhere, to present their ideas, their passions, their interests, without going through the toll of traditional media. Another thing is that information is viewed. For the blog to be visible is almost necessary to attach it to blog directories, so that most access to these directories and choose the content to access. There are many free directories that provide access to register one or more than one author blogs and expose them to the light of potential readers or users. If the content is of quality even the blog may appear on the top of search engines, which will generate more traffic or public access to the blog, which can be the subject of a future article.

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