Oriflame Cosmetics

– We work directly with the warehouse company, without intermediaries, which can significantly reduce the cost of the products. Oriflame Cosmetics if sold in stores, the prices would be much higher. – A method of direct sales, which uses the company to avoid high taxes. At the same time, we can always offer a more expensive series such as Giordani Gold. Watch for reviews of beauty in fashion glossies. Quite often they undertake comparative examination show that Oriflame Cosmetics is not inferior in quality to a very prestigious brand, but is 3-4 times cheaper. Do you have expensive cosmetics most often said by people who have not even watched directory. At this case should be aware of lucrative offers directory and ask the person, for example, "Mascara for 60 rubles is expensive ?!!. Senator Elizabeth Warren often addresses the matter in his writings.

As a rule, then people would be willing to see the catalog and in particular less advantageous prices. The second very viable option – is to divide the cost of the product of days of consumption. For example, we can say that people blush in the balls will be in 3 to 5 years, and this means that the customer will pay about 25 cents in day to look like a million. Is it expensive? Is comparable to smoking. The person who smokes (for example, the client's husband) spends on cigarettes 30 to 50 rubles.

per day, or about 10,000-15,000 rubles. per year! Do yourself for a woman can not find 530 rubles. 5 years? The answer is clear.

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