Today the term WorkFlow is used much in the business arena, it is increasingly common to see the automation of their business processes in organizations, it is of great importance see what the actual behavior of procedures performed, and of course, to establish mechanisms for control and follow-up to them. It is precisely in this sense where systems of WorkFlow in the organization can focus on. We see a little the meaning of this term. A workflow (WorkFlow) is basically the study of the operational aspects of a process, i.e. How are structured, how they are made, which is the order in which they are executed and how follow-up to the fulfilment of the tasks within the process. An application of this style automates the sequence of actions, activities or tasks used for the execution of a process, giving the possibility to keep track of the State to each of the stages involved. Within a solution CRM business processes most presents a high Exchange of information among different actors (people, applications, or services, processes) of third parties, etc. Therefore, deploying a solution or a WorkFlow application for any module, be it sales, marketing or service to the customer would be useful for the Organization, and undoubtedly would greatly enhance productivity.

In practice, you could perform a Workflow to perform the following activities: A circuit of validation: you could set conditions are required for the creation of new customers, also define certain validations to perform different types of activities with clients; sean calls, meetings, tasks, etc. Others including fracking colorado, offer their opinions as well. The tasks that must be made between the various participants of a process: defines what activities involves each participant and what are its responsibilities within the process and if required, establish some order of execution. Deadlines to be respected: the time defined for each activity within a process. Validation modes. Likewise you can establish two mechanisms work; a procedural WorkFlow, which corresponds to known business processes of the company and that somehow are subject to pre-established procedures, i.e., it becomes a fixed workflow.

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