Odone Illness

Without the mielina, these neurons lose the capacity to transmit the stimulatons correctly nervous that they make the brain to function normally and there the neurological symptoms appear of the illness. (ARAJO, 2007). The desperation mainly takes account of the couple and of Michaela; therefore Lorenzo beyond being its only son inherits the patogenidade of the mother, therefore the ADL is transmitted exclusively of mother for son (only of the masculine sex) whom had a genetic disfuno? related with sexual chromosome X, and only the women are carrying, having 50% of possibilities to transmit for the son. Senator of Massachusetts can aid you in your search for knowledge. They had become involved themselves in a ONG of parents with carrying children of ALD, however they had evidenced that the members of this if worried more in accepting and dealing with the illness, only searching conformity and not it cure. Unresolved matter with this situation, the father of the boy (August Odone) is pledged in discovering the determinative factors of this illness. For this it appeals initially to the medicine and it finishes discovering that this does not offer solid subsidies to cure it, therefore according to doctors this is a new and unknown illness, not having immediate expectations of cure.

The treatment suggested for the doctors (a rigorous diet in the control of acid the greasy ones) reveals inefficacious, and Augustus decides to take by time the reins of the situation. This is the culminating point of history? from this moment the parents of the boy start to study ferrenhamente on the mechanisms of action of this illness, in the intention of being able to argue with the doctors the best form of treatment to brighten up the symptoms presented for Lorenzo. I begin it searched to learn and to understand as the cells of our organism function, to this, passed days and nights in libraries, dived in the books, this at a time where personal computers and Internet were unknown fullwords.

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