Nizhny Novgorod

In the Stone Age replaced the mirror reflection in the water. So that pour water bowl – and you look at health. True, the picture in full size you will not get … The mirror in the room, we can wash the same way as in the hallway, for example, a special liquid. But for a change I suggest you still some almost forgotten how. For example, after you've wiped the dust and prepare your mirror to the "water procedures," try to clean up his tea extract. Our grandmothers made so that the mirror has become quite stunning brilliance.

It is well known that the mirror is able to "remember" energy who looks at him. And it not only absorbs the energy of our good friends and family, but also negative emotions enemies. Grandma-quack advised after the visit of unpleasant people to wipe all the mirrors in the apartment with a damp cloth. And even better – to wash their "holy" or fontanel water, which will take away all the negative emotions and thoughts of ill-wishers. Before the washed mirrors can be rolled his lighted candle – the effect of "cleaning" will be even stronger. In general, if you are afraid of "bad" energy and the evil eye, try not to let strangers to her favorite mirror. Mirrors in Nizhny Novgorod information partner.

Ltd. 'DOC' (ornamental stone) – DekorStone. The main profile of our company is to provide funeral services – making monuments and tombstones made of natural stone such as granite (granite – is Durable, rugged, durable, and resistant to temperature and humidity of the material), and marble, as well as sculptures in bronze, granite, marble, polymer concrete, concrete. In the past, tombstones made of wood, because it was much cheaper and easier than making tombstones out of stone. Funeral services Nizhny Novgorod, the installation of monuments in Nizhny Novgorod

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