Instead of accepting what if she places and to look for to continue to live although the losses, as much the family as the deficient physicist if becomes attached to a hope that to the times is not true. They finish for running away from the condition of being for the death that all and any individual presents. The belief in transcendente on the part of any individual also the deficient one if relates to the dimension spiritual that, in accordance with the fenomenologia, if I distinguished from the psychic dimension. In accordance with Nietzsche, in its search of if becoming the superman, each individual new board of values searchs to surpass its condition of man on the basis of. The same it occurs with the individual that suffers that it must surpass its previous condition so that, searching new values that correspond to the superman (C.f VIGAN, 2003). The suffering is essential for the nature of the man as Nietzsche more still says and, represents a creativity on the part of each individual (they idem, idem). In the case of the individual with suffering, to deal with the suffering involves the recognition concerning what it is essential in the suffering of each person. When a person who suffers to an accident in its height from the physical force and vigor, seems that the world finished for this individual exactly.

Exactly somebody that has a degenerative illness that it progresses with the time, seems that it does not have possibilities to continue living. The body does not answer more what each individual waits. In many cases, one forgets that the individual has a body that exactly being defective it does not lose its importance. The losses are interpreted as being bigger of what it is imagined and in many cases do not have interest for this body. In accordance with Merleau-Ponty, has a body-conscience that to if relating percipient with the world, if it involves for the same (C.f.VIVIANI, 2007).

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