National Hospital

When it comes to aspects related to health, life and even death, the physician has the penultimate, the last word, God always has it. On October 15 2008, at the National Hospital Guillermo Almenara, from 3 am until 4 pm, have undergone rotund successfully to a liver transplant by hepatic cirrhosis and Hepato Carcinoma by Hepatitis C Virus, already in phase terminal and complicated with digestive bleeding. has been a successful surgery, anatomical and high level! It does nothing but ratify the growing skill, ability and skill of surgeons, because despite having deposited 17 units of blood was not necessary to any of them, this type of surgery Trasplantologicas must fill with pride to the institution that Ud, represents and directs and should encourage other services of ESSALUD nationally to imitate this pattern of study, training, leadership ability and especially disinterested delivery that exhibits the service of surgery and liver transplantation of the Almenara, vitally led by Dr. Jose Carlos Shaman Ortiz integrated by the Drs Carlos Rondon Leyva, Pedro Martin Padilla, Eduardo Anchante, Victor Carrasco, Cecilia Yeren, therefore to make history, not only requires rules, laws, good protocols, but also and above all good men and capable leaders like Dr. Chaman. Likewise, I want to leave proof of the capacity and ability of the Anesthesiology team led by Dr Eusebio Palomino, who weathered 14 hours of General anesthesia without uppercase incidents. I also want to thank the extraordinary personal and academic management pharmacological in the ICU-intensive care unit-, with nurses as Marlene Montes, Paquita Castillo, the doctors Zoraida Lopez, Cesar Montenegro, the Dra technical Cesar of the therapy unit ventilator, who are with the same intensity and emotion and head the vital minutes of our re-introduction to life, in the midst of the danger of an acute rejection and death. Already stabilized and without risk of sudden death, we are controlled in hospitalization transplant, by a select group of technical nurses and young people, who do not compliment in this gigantic effort, which means saving a life. .

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