Narcisstic Personality

*CARDI, Veronice Of the Birth; Summary: This article has as objective to make with that the people in general way have knowledge of the upheaval of the narcisista personality, through bibliographical research will tell what is this upheaval, as it is diagnosised, as the treatment is made. The people who possess the upheaval of the narcisista personality present a supervaluation of the proper love and a huge direction of personal importance and singularity.

According to this legend the young Narcissus disdaining to all, except its pretty person, was object of the love of the pretty nymph Echo. Although the beauty of Echo was extraordinary, it at least it received a look from blinded glance of the young one by itself. The recklessness of Narcissus was as much that made Echo to meager in such a way that nothing of it remained beyond the voice. By its cruelty, Narcissus was deluded to the reflected proper look in the water of a source, an image that if would waste if observed of close. Its quandary was that it never would possess the object of its love, involuntarily blinded for this irony Narcissus consumed – of disgust, until of it nothing it remained beyond the flower that takes its name. In similar way to the one of Narcissus the narcisistas make a supervaluation of itself exactly and search compliments the all moment. Concept: The narcisista personality, as Beck can be as that one that has left of the combination of functional projects. The base of these projects if develops with direct and indirect messages of the important parents, brothers, other people and for experiences that mold beliefs on the personal singularity and importance.

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