MERIAN Live! Dedicated An Own Guide To The ZeitOrten

The ZeitOrte in the Brunswick land fit in every handbag: 84 ZeitOrte for short holidays and Sunday excursion to the ZeitOrte MERIAN live! After his release, the MERIAN is short live! ZeitOrte travel guide already a hit… Clearly, why: 84 visitor attractions are great texts and all important information clearly displayed – including a removable map currently in bookstores, in the tourist information as well as online to order published up-to-date travel and leisure guides by MERIAN live! ZeitOrte in the Brunswick land. Heath and resin”gives tips and suggestions for short breaks and a Sunday drive in the region. On 128 pages, the Guide performs six epochs from prehistoric times, the stone age, middle ages & Renaissance, Baroque & enlightenment, industrialization & modernism and to present & future. Clearly arranged and equipped with many images leads MERIAN live! the reader from the first minute on expeditions in the land of time travel”.

Half a year have sent Christian Haas, MERIAN live! editor Birgit Chlupacek and TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND Office in cooperation with the ZeitOrten and partners working on this guide. It also experiences of many guests from short holiday and Sunday excursion were used. Also for the project partners, the project REGION BRAUNSCHWEIG GMBH, this first travel guide for whole region with many tips for short holidays and Sunday outing is another milestone in the development process of the project ZeitOrte. Country, the so-called ZeitOrte describes 84 sites in the Brunswick”map quickly to hand of the guides and useful information, supplemented with useful information for a Sunday outing, and for short holiday: instructions for opening times, entrance fees and guides. Is supplemented the book with catering tips around the ZeitOrte and active special “-pages, the desire to make on leisure activities such as cycling, disc golf, canoeing or a Gyrokopterflug.” The removable card where all ZeitOrte are recorded and which is especially handy for one provides good orientation. Bundling tourist offers in Heath, BraunschweigerLAND and resin of our new guide combines all tourist offers in the region and is the perfect companion for a Sunday drive and a short vacation. “, reported Bjorn Reckewell, Chairman of TourismusRegion BraunschweigerLAND. MERIAN live! ZeitOrte is aimed both to guests and tourists, inhabitants of the region, who can discover certainly much new.” So just come on the ZeitOrte travel guide on behalf of appearing tourism region BraunschweigerLAND the book of MERIAN live! ZeitOrte in the Brunswick land, Heath and Harz”in bookstores. In addition, it is sold in the following tourist information: Braunschweig, Gifhorn, Hankensbuttel, helmstedt, Horneburg, peine, Salzgitter, Wolfenbuttel, Wolfsburg. You can conveniently order the MERIAN live! for short holidays and Sunday excursion here index.php? id = 1196

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