Liquor is transparent, follows under increased pressure. Cytosis ranged from several tens up to 500-600 cells in 1 mm3 CSF. In the sediment, usually dominated by lymphocytes. However, in some cases in the first days of illness indicated high levels of neutrophils, or they may even dominate, later lymphocytic pleocytosis takes character. The protein content of either normal or slightly increased (to 0.6-1.0%), sugar was not changed. Duration of febrile period, usually no more than 3-5 days, often re-marked rise in temperature.

Apyrexia period in the Cases lasts from 2 to 5 days. It is also possible recurrence of the disease, resulting in a 10-day 21 of normal temperature occur with meningeal syndrome and changes in the cerebrospinal fluid. Normalization of face! thief behind in terms of clinical symptoms of meningitis and occurs only at 3 to 4 weeks. Clinically, serous meningitis caused by Coxsackie virus and ECHO, can not distinguish. In addition, laboratory tests (virus isolation, fixation Complement and the neutralization reaction) in diagnosis play a significant role sometimes encountered cases of epidemic myalgia with a combination of proceeding with a sharp spasmodic contractions-shaped chest pain or stomach. With 3-4th day of illness, along with erythema and swelling of the throat of the soft palate may appear cold sores in the throat, soft and hard palate – the phenomenon of herpes sore .

Meningitis in this case can not be. Coxsackie virus type prescribed chloramphenicol, biomitsin, with leptospiral – penicillin, etc. Etiological treatment of serous meningitis of viral etiology has not been developed. Of great importance is symptomatic therapy, which is similar to itself in purulent meningitis. Lumbar puncture usually brings significant relief, and sometimes has a cupping effect. Prevention comes down to the mandatory paradise! and the full admission of all patients. Extract, Epidemic spread of the disease are transferred to children's institutions work around the clock. Children and adults working in children's, food establishments and maternity hospitals, had undergone a disease you can prevent a children's teams and at work no earlier than the 30th day of disease onset. Disinfection measures in the outbreak should be pro-drugs drive the chlorine by the techniques used in intestinal and droplet infections. – Traditional medicine

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