Lance Armstrong

Why it is not so difficult to change the angle of view about the importance of athletes models – and why Gandhi and Mother Teresa could make the sports in the shadow. The sport means similar to the hospital for the doctor for the Energizers. There is much to do. As for the doctor, what are injuries and illnesses, blockades are the Energizers. And they are included as the sugar in the syrup in the sport. An attempt to see things even slightly differently.

It is true one a little in the heart of the athletes, if you read the headlines about the detected from tour de France victories and the lifelong lock of an athlete like Lance Armstrong. Still more if you had almost the same pulse as Armstrong himself when his legendary solo attack on the steep slopes of the French mountains as a spectator in front of the TV (I even made the attempt with heart rate strap: 20 beats increase my pulse when it came to the attack against Jan Ullrich). And today reading the news coverage, so there probably remain a secret, what really happened. Because both the Position of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), as well as the are with regard to their actual intentions and motives of Lance Armstrong, at least for me, completely opaque.

Other factors of sports that cause such headlines are what can be illuminated but very well. Factors that cause blockages, release blockages or not even create blockages. It can be an image on the whole as an athlete, as a coach, as a Manager or as avid sports fan in various ways. And this article is a possible angle, you can take. Should this be seen closer the ego, then his machinations to classify and occupy new perspectives. At the end of which is an or other perhaps already something different today the questions therein.

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