Kitchen Sanitation, Hygiene, Cleanliness

No matter how good were not food, in violation of the rules of sanitation and hygiene in the kitchen, during storage, preparation for the subsequent preparation, can use instead of harm to human health. Mostly in kitchen table is prepared food, which after use must be thoroughly washed. Encouraged to wash dishes after meals not delay this matter until later. Utensils should be cleaned from the remnants of food, pour hot water soda, then wash, rinse and dry with a clean towel. It is undesirable to store, before cooking, food, in the clear, because of dust on them may get the bacteria that can make them unsuitable for cooking. Storing outerwear and other things that do not pertain to cooking, is totally unacceptable. It is necessary that the entire kitchen and kitchen equipment were kept in special neatness, cleanliness, clothing and hands of man, prepare food, have been completely clean. Failure to observe these simple rules can lead to gastro-intestinal diseases, especially in the summer.

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