International Olympic Committee

But the problem to counteract the use of doping in sport was probably the only task with which Samaranch was unable to cope. Despite the improvement of technical equipment system of doping control, the constant increase in testing, tougher sanctions, the spread of doping is not only not declining – it is, but increases. Develop and introduce new products and techniques improved scheme for their application and use of camouflage. In the sports world has become almost an official policy of double standards, where many sports figures, designed to fight for the purity of sport (in including representatives of the International Olympic Committee, some international sports federations, national Olympic committees, sports federations and national) have become impossible to justify high sporting achievements at the Olympic arena without the use of currently prohibited items – and now openly talking about the broad introduction of pharmaceutical programs, the need to find alternatives to the modern system of doping control. Moreover, we are talking about new approaches in this regard, in particular the prospects of using the achievements of genetic engineering to create athletes who will be able to show outstanding results.

In 1999, held in Lausanne World Conference on Doping in Sport, which adopted the Declaration on Doping in Sport, which formulated the basic principles of the fight against doping. The conference also established World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Creating WADA practically coincided with an unexpected interview with HA Samaranch, ends his career as president of the IOC. As a subtle politician, a man truly cares for credibility of Olympic sports and have made an invaluable contribution to its development, Samaranch has found the courage to admit the imperfection of IOC policy in the fight against doping, has called for a radical reduction in the banned list drugs, drug solution is not harmful to the health of the athlete, enhancing the role of education and educational activities, the empowerment of athletes in the application of substances and methods that promote the effectiveness of their training and competitive activities. Click McDougall Program to learn more.

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