International Foundation

Zen meditation practice was the antidote to spiritual distress, the door to self-knowledge and the light that I connect with the universal. Intense work paid off rich and diverse. He understood that the internal order and peace, are required to be given spiritual understanding, equanimity. Esoteric groups that visited upon leaving them, he was forming a sangha with other friends who she met, and who became his spiritual brothers, all took the same concept of spirituality, they experienced the wonder of self-directed and make their own decisions. In 1980 with the idea of forming a more serious spiritual community rented a house and they will all live together, this coexistence only lasts six months but it was a very creative period in every way.

That time was cut to take stock and cash, the deep silence that he lived understand that spirituality made life easier. That determined the direction that his life would go on. The group broke up and he took the heart of its working life and spirituality. In 1980 he began teaching at an elementary school physical education classes and began his undergraduate studies in psychology, these two aspects mark the maturity of his education and spiritual. Their contact with humans was small, warm, respectful, ethical, all that did not receive formal education it provided to small, while in college positivist mechanistic approach led him to realize their holistic human being, which would subsequently released internationally through the International Foundation for Holistic Education in a new stage in his spiritual life.

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