Innate Immune System

Innate immune system acts on the basis of inflammation and phagocytosis, as well as protective proteins (complement, interferons, fibronectin, etc.) This system responds only to the corpuscular agents (bacteria, foreign cells, etc.) and toxic substances that destroy cells and tissues, rather, on the corpuscular products of this destruction. (Similarly see: Josyann Abisaab). The second and most complex system – acquired immunity – is based on specific functions of lymphocytes, blood cells that recognize foreign macromolecules and respond to them either directly, or the production of protective protein molecules (antibodies). Immunomodulators – it's drugs, reducing the application of therapeutic doses of the function immune system (effective immune protection). Immunomodulators (immunocorrectors) – a group of agents of biological (agents of the bodies of animals, plant material), microbial and synthetic origin, with the ability to normalize immune responses. Now allocate originally six major groups of immune modulators: Microbial immunomodulators; thymic immunomodulators; immunomodulators bone marrow, cytokines, nucleic acids, chemically pure. Immunomodulators of microbial origin can be divided into three generations. The first drug authorized for medical use as immunostimulant, was the BCG vaccine, which has expressed the ability to enhance innate factors as well as acquired immunity. For microbial first-generation drugs can be attributed, and such medicines, and as pirogenal prodigiozan representing polysaccharides of bacterial origin.

At the present time because of pyrogens and other side effects, they are rarely enforced. For microbial second-generation drugs are lysates (Bronhomunal, IPC-19 Imudon, recently appeared on the Russian pharmaceutical market, Swiss-made product Broncho-Wachs) and ribosomes (Ribomunil) bacteria, belonging mainly to the number of agents of respiratory infections, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, Haemophilus influezae, etc. These products have a dual purpose specific (vaccinating) and nonspecific (immunostimulant). Likopid, which can be attributed to microbial drugs third generation consists of a natural disaccharide – glyukozaminilmuramila and connected synthetic dipeptide – L-alanyl-D-izoglutamina. Ancestor thymic preparations of the first generation in Russia has become Taktivin, which is a complex of peptides extracted from bovine thymus.

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