Humane Euthanasia (euthanasia) Of Animals

Humane euthanasia euthanasia (euthanasia) of animals. Between owner and pet are formed as a special relationship between parents and children. Educating dog or cat with the 'infancy', experiencing the change of teeth 'difficult age' and disease, the owner attaches to your pet. But there comes a time when you are confronted with the need to lull your pet. This is a very difficult decision for you and the veterinarian. For animals for months and years lived with joy their favorite hosts.

When the owner asks for advice to the vet, he is sometimes unaware of the serious state of the animal and waiting for a miracle, so the sentence 'lull', encounters misunderstanding and negativity to as responsible and humane action. Tragically it's time to say goodbye to a dear friend. Extreme old age, incurable illness, severe injury leads to long torment of your pet. Life ceases to be joyful and pleasant, when the cat or dog is suffering from a painful and progressive disease and no hope of recovery, we provide the animal last tribute of attention – to die quickly and painlessly. Euthanasia leaves only an experienced and attentive veterinary surgeon.

After a preliminary examination and the diagnosis, the animal is immersed in deep anesthesia, which eliminates the pain sensitivity. After the onset of general anesthetic is injected, which leads to heart failure and breathing. Your pet will not feel nothing and leave with dignity and without suffering. If necessary, we pick up the corpse of an animal for a cremation.

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