Howard Gardner One

Convergent thinking should be the successor of divergent for the creative process is full and not remain a mere brainstorming nonsense. As would Fromm (1963) the first phase is female, while the second, hard work, is masculine. This is a common problem among the creatives who rely too much on his right hemisphere and despise the left. With all this I give evidence that creativity needs all the brain to manifest, not only a part. Another reason why creativity can not be in a particular area is because there are so many forms of creativity and intelligence.

The psychologist Howard Gardner (1983,1993,1995) in his theory of multiple intelligences proposes that intelligence is not a unitary entity but rather a collection of eight different intelligences. According to this perspective people can be intelligent in different ways. Thus a musician would be wise in a different way a writer and where he would be an architect. Therefore, there would be various intelligences and each one would be more gifted in one of them. Although I have my criticisms of this theory, I like to illustrate the case of creativity.

As suggested by Gardner with intelligence, so with creativity, ie, there is only one type of creativity. I, like Gardner, I agree that there is only one type, but differ greatly in their number. Gardner gives us a number (eight) then go expanding as research goes, and frankly I do not know or where to go. I will not make such a reckless, in my view, and not give any, not for fear of being wrong on the issue, but because I am convinced that there are as many as you like and want to mind. If there were a number and not talking about creativity. Creativity reinvents herself and never ceases to amaze. Any part of the brain may be worthy of that spark, that association of ideas, the curiosity it takes to ignite the creative fire. Any stimulus can be picked up by our senses, and we know that there is a distinct part in our brain to pick up those stimuli depending on our sense receptor. Finally, the most important reason of all. This is where the quiet breathing expert and the neophyte is surprised, but here goes: creativity can not be found in the cerebral territory simply because it is not. And it's not for nothing that is not concrete, it is because creativity is not something material, is a smart way of thinking. And this makes us realize that to be a smart way of thinking, can not be reduced to a specific part, and therefore needs all the brain in order to fulfill the creative process.

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