Heterogenous Riot

The obsessive-compulsory upheaval TOC is a heterogeneous riot, generally chronic, whose causes can involve factors of biological and psicossocial order (Knapp. p.193, 2004). This riot can occur in such a way in men how much in women, if installing in infancy or at the beginning of the adult life. Considered until good little time rare, in the truth is sufficiently common, with a prevalence around 2,5% in the population throughout the life (Karno et al., 1988). The obsessive-compulsory upheaval TOC is a common illness, more than what it is imagined. Amongst the psychiatric illnesses, one of most serious and incapacitantes is considered. The carriers of this upheaval permanently are worried about the possibility of that something of bad can happen. Characteristics It is characterized by intrusivos thoughts, mental ideas, images, impulses> These thoughts are as an automatic and involuntary process, probably on to the concerns of the individual at that moment. (Cordioli, A.V.

2004). the obsessions are the inquietantes thoughts e, the compulsion are the happened behaviors of the thoughts, to satisfy them. This compulsion serves as an psychic-emotional discharge, through which the individual feels itself safe and alliviated. Obsessions The obsessions are thoughts or impulses that invade the mind of repetitive and persistent form of the individual (Beck A.T et al, 2005). They can still be images, words, phrases, numbers, strange or improper musics, etc. Sensible as, the obsessions generally are folloied of fear, anguish, guilt or displeasure.

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