Glad Mount Vacaria

At that moment, anxious and very trembling it pointed bacamarte in direction to the disaffection, fit it height of the chest, but he had a great surprise, its vision he embaou, he saw twenty five ' adrianos' pair uped, then, half confused wise person in which direction not to go off. It lowered the pipe, it aimed another time and the scene if it repeated. Then, ahead of this vision, it had a small moment of lucidity and thought: – This is a signal the holy ghost, does not have to take the handle such cursed intention! In that day God it placed the hand in the pipe of the weapon of Higino Pear tree so that it did not become an assassin, therefore at that time the death penalty still was in vigor. Mr. Higino was a religious man very, this fight was a trap of capeta to destroy its life. It was a man of good heart, as they show the posterior events. Some time after the occurrence of this sad episode, came to the terrible drought of 1877, that it devastated the province of Cear, of tip the tip.

At this time, thousands of people from the state of Cear die victim of the hunger and clera. The situation of Manoel de Brito was to cut heart, did not have where to fall deceased, the hunger pressed the viscera to it. Its poor woman of dishevelled hair and skin sufficiently ressequida, burnt for the escaldante sun of caatinga, praid pra all saints that rescued to it. She was there that a son appeared of God who gave an advice to it: – I Look at comadre walked thinking, thinking, on its situation and arrived at the following conclusion: of the Glad Mount Vacaria, only has person one that can help it! I can say: Who? – It is Higino Pear tree, therefore in all region he is the supplied farmer more.

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