Fernando Grecco

To the edge of the garbage For Fernando Grecco ' ' Radio and television as defined in the Constitution, have for philosophical bedding the educative and cultural purpose the respect to the ethical and social values of the person and the family, being allowed the commercial exploration of these services, in the measure where it does not harm this interest and that one finalidade.' ' (Ministry of the Culture) We live in a society with an alarming poverty. Our institutions are corroded by the practical ones of corruption, traffic of influence etc. The crises of economic nature are recurrent, and those of personal nature are still more evidentes when it analyzes the specific problems of each individual. Our press in general way, and the television in specific way, our reality portraies this well. The programming shown in the Brazilian television is the product of our ignorance, of our complete lack of common-sense or critical spirit. The empatia appeared between the escabrosidades that are presented and the Brazilian viewer it is perfectly understandable. could not be different, since few families Bloch, Levy, Brito Birth, Mosque, Civita, Marine, Cold, Saad, Abravanel, beyond Magalhes in the Bahia, Sarney in the Maranho, Collor in Alagoas, etc. exert total influence in the medias in Brazil.

They are opportunist, posando of respectable public personalities, who ludibriam the people and of it they scoff. We judge ourselves incapable to change this reality, forgetting that the television, specifically, is public concession, having, obviously, to be related the questions of social nature: illiteracy, violence, health, habitation, prostitution, drugs, correct information and impartial etc. In general way, the Brazilian television if summarizes to a slag. Primitive mood, exaggerated exposition of the body, simplrias novels maniquestas, neopentecostalistas quacks, fteis interviews, unnecessary, vindication of ridicule, the superfluous one and the burrice. This has been the programming of our open TV.

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