Family Psychologists

As Family psychologists say, the first year of married life – the most difficult. But take a look at it a little different angle, and you will see that this period has a positive side. You finally find out about your partner all that carefully concealed for a long time. This means that you will become closer and dearer. Now you can fully trust each other. Do with such things before the wedding, made you blush. To know about your favorite man, everything, it does not deprive himself of pleasure to solve it as a puzzle.

This means that you can give your partner extra moments of joy, using new knowledge about it. For example, listening to the singing of your intolerable halves in the bathroom, you can get away with a great idea to install a shower with built-in radio. And it’s easier, and your partner happy. After the wedding, time passes and that the primitive passion, which brought you together. Everything becomes commonplace and natural.

But this honey the same, only one side. On the other, you get a lot of new facets of your relationship. You have nothing to lose, you modify it, it all began. So way, you begin to understand each other, literally, at a glance. Perceived shortcomings of existing partner for granted. Catch the mood of a loved one with a glance at him. In addition, this stage there is a very important sense, a mutual appreciation. Without this sense there are no mature love. Namely, she comes to you in marriage. Mature love, then what are you going to continue all of your relationship. It is this love – basis of a happy marriage. Sometimes it happens that a wedding does not change partners, they remain the same as they were before. Therefore, the relations do not change. This is explained by the fact that the couple from the very beginning of their relationship is not tried to “throw dust in each other’s eyes. They behaved quite naturally, so no surprises after the wedding was not expected. Everything remained the same, as if nothing had happened. But this happens infrequently. And sooner or later, this pair will also overcome their crisis of relations. Time brings about changes in everything that happens around us. Whatever it was, what awaits you after the wedding depends on you. Psychologists give the general definitions and characteristics of each of the possible family crises. But this does not mean you have to go through all that is painted in a smart books and other literature. Each family is deeply individual, with its peculiarities, traditions and experiences. And how you lead yourself towards your own family and partner, depends on just how strong is your union. Therefore, try to listen to each other, appreciate and respect the opinion of the partner. Be tolerant manifested character traits and shortcomings loved one. And then you realize that after the marriage relationship only getting stronger and gaining momentum.

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