Faal Ground

2 maturation: in this phase the frequent participants are bacteria, actinomicetes and fungos. In the 45-30 band C is the temperature, can vary of 2 the 4 months its time. 3 humificao: cellulose and lignina are transformed in hmicas substances in this phase, the temperature goes for the 25-30 band C, characterizing the composition for the small animals that appear in the ground, for example, the earthworms. Advantages of the domiciliary compostagem: The composition that if form in the compostagem process improves the structure of the ground, acts as seasoning, it has beneficial fungicides and organisms that help to eliminate the organisms that cause illnesses in the ground and the plants. To hold back water in the ground, to reduce the use of herbicidas and pesticides, reduction of the contamination and atmospheric pollution together with the envolvement of the citizens they are advantages that help to change the styles of life of all. This composition benefits the ground, therefore, it adds in the alone organic substance and in arenaceous ground it helps to hold back water and of more the porosity in argillaceous ground, it introduces in the ground organisms as bacteria and fungos that pass the nutrients of mineral part of the ground the plants. Its use reduces the appearance of illnesses in the plants, it reduces and it eliminates the problems of deposition of estrumes and occurrences contamination of wells for nitrates. It reduces the necessity of the fertilizer use and the potential of erosion of the ground improving its structure, does not leave odors and nor the appearance of flies being able to be stored by long times.

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