Diego Madrid

On 28 January, the Provincial Court of Madrid was the cause by alleged illegal sedation and cleaned the name of fifteen doctors of the Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganes (Madrid, Spain). The calvary of these professionals began in April 2005, when an anonymous complaint accused them of 400 deaths in emergency by irregular sedation. The competent authority of health in the community of Madrid at that time, Manuel Lamela, was put on alert and after discipline doctors, accused them of killing and the case ended up in the courts. During these three years, politicians, supporters and media of the most archaic Spanish right next to the most conservative wing of the Catholic Church, have tarnished the name of these professionals, calling them murderers and much worse things. However, still today physicians have not been reinstated in their jobs and nobody has asked them apologize for the mistake.

Quite the contrary, those which prompted complaints say that they abide by the judge’s decision, but that you could not test it does not exclude to not make inappropriate practices, explanation of the current Minister of health of the community of Madrid, Juan Jose Guemes. So one of the enquiry medical explains his situation: is as if I accuse Lamela or pederasty Guemes. I take cuts of the children who died in the obituaries Madrid and through an anonymous denounced them. Make them life miserable for three years and when Justice filed the case and says that they are not paedophiles, I insist and I say that she has not been demonstrated that they are not. It should something doesn’t go well in Spain when the slander and defamation are not punished firm and immediate manner with full weight of justice. Now is the time where I said I say, I say Diego or ego I didn’t say such a thing.

A month that Spanish citizens give appointment before the polls, politicians have found a new area of confrontation, insult and degradation. In all this time, however, nobody spoke of the sick, the consequences that have had the severe case Ochoa in patients with terminal illnesses. During this time, the medical community has stopped sedating patients with terrible pains, for fear of being censured and even brought to trial. There has been a political persecution and tough media by some sectors of the Spanish right, that without any modesty have spoken of euthanasia and murder, and many doctors have felt threatened and supervised when carrying out their work. Thus, thousands of people have been killed while they suffered a severe physical suffering. A doctor must not only save lives, also has to try to make it more dignified life until the last moment. Sedation is what tries to do: alleviate the agony of a person who is dying. Physical pain is usually one of the fears that humans tend to put in the first positions, at times, ahead of death. Therefore, it is safe that nobody wants to spend his last days with suffering and pain. The palliative care society, for example, considers acceptable sedation in terminally ill patients to calm the patient, while this might hasten death. This type of sedation is even accepted by the Catholic Church.

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