Dermatologists Warn

They attribute it to a cultural issue and ensure that women are more conscious. They explain the importance that has parents protect children due to the importance of Burns at this stage for the future development of the skin. Interestingly, the incidence of melanoma is higher in women. Tanning booths multiplied by six the possibility of suffering from irreversible injury to the skin. 60% Of Spaniards does not use protection against the Sun. The use of sunscreens is essential to prevent skin cancer, but remains uneven among the population, since costs men apply sunscreen, something that dermatologists attribute to a cultural issue, because women are educated in this custom.

Professor of Dermatology, University of Malaga, Enrique Herrera, called this week attention to boys in the use of sunscreens, two groups that believes that it must influence even in the awareness. If male children see their parents use protection solar, they will also do it, what you will help to prevent skin cancer, because of the importance that have sunburn in childhood, he explained. The incidence of this type of tumors, which grew significantly until 2008, has stabilized in the past three years, which has contributed the use of sunscreens and a greater awareness on the need to go to the doctor, especially in the case of pigmented lesions. At present, they occur between 6.5 and 7 cases of melanoma per year per 100,000 inhabitants and 84.9 and 18.9 cases per year per 100,000 inhabitants in the basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, respectively. How suspicious of melanoma is more frequent the population suspected Melanoma (when it detects a Mole is asymmetrical, change its size, color, and thickness), that other types of skin cancer, by what specialists warn that you must also consult a doctor when a non pigmented lesion grows, expands, erodes or bleeds.

These lesions develop mainly in areas rural, whose inhabitants are less concerned about a sociocultural changes problem that there has been on your skin, and sometimes come to a dermatologist with several years of evolution, according to Herrera. He also service of the Hospital Clinico Universitario de Malaga j stated that among men there is a higher incidence of these not pigmented lesions, while melanoma occurs more among women. By the same author: Dr. John Mcdougall. Although this increased incidence of melanoma in women has been linked to hormonal factors, has not been demonstrated, and also has been linked to sporadic exhibitions. Also, women are also more exposed to the fearsome UVA tanning booths, which multiply sixfold the chance of developing melanoma about someone who does not use them, he stressed. The expert referred to a study by a colleague that these cabins radiate ultraviolet A rays with a four times greater intensity than the Sun in late June at noon. On the other hand, the Professor spoke of the dichotomy that exists about whether UVB rays are beneficial to health since they favour the absorption of vitamin D or its harmful cto has exaggerated. This is because it has partnered the fall of vitamin D3 with bone problems, and it is also known that this substance is an inhibitor of carcinogenesis, not so much of skin tumors of cancer of internal organs. The solution can come by combine the use of sunscreens with vitamin D intake, although not currently clear dosage you should take the patient, according to Herrera.

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