Dental Extractions

Today, tooth extraction – a measure of forced and necessary. Need to comply with a number of specific rules by which we can reduce the number of complications to a minimum. After the successful removal of a tooth in the remaining hole in its place there is a blood clot. Required to comply with specific precautions so as not to destroy it, since this is considered necessary components of a clot in the process of wound healing. To prevent this, during the first days after tooth extraction can not rinse your mouth and even spit, as this procedure can lead to a shift of the bunch.

Near the site of tooth extraction after the first days of anesthesia is created a painful area and teeth to chew food, located in this area, it is not necessary. After the removal of a tooth for a day is necessary to exclude significant physical exertion. We must also avoid using sharp and too hot food, as well as 2 days exclude alcohol, tobacco and refuse to brush your teeth, caught near the area of extraction. Then you can brush your teeth, but only soft brushes at least a week. What responsibility do you become a follow proper hygiene disposal site, the faster things heal. Useful one day after tooth extraction carefully rinse your mouth, including the area of removal, warm salt water – for what one cup of water need to put half a teaspoon of salt.

After removal is not recommended for several days to use solution for cleaning the mouth, because these solutions can provoke unwanted irritation throughout the disposal. Dry hole – one of the most frequently encountered problems after tooth extraction. Dry hole, in most cases arises from the fact that the clot never formed or has been removed by external influence. At a dry hole in the mouth may be an unpleasant taste or smell. For proper treatment of dry wells should go to the dentist. He will put on the wound swab soaked in drugs that reduces and soothes the pain. Once a day should be changed tampons, until symptoms disappear. After tooth extraction in a patient's jaw is the hole, it is gradually overgrown with bone.

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