Dedicated Schools Wanted!

Attention schools! Apply until 31 January 2010 for the kick and learn School Award. Dedicated schools wanted! The kick and learn School Award 2010 Karl-Heinz (air) Riedle, Boris Becker and Hans Dieter Cleven committed within the framework of the fit-4-future campaign actively for Germany’s schools. Her latest coup, the kick and learn School Award 2010. What links the former football player Karl-Heinz (air) Riedle, with Boris Becker and the former Metro Board Member Hans Dieter Cleven? It’s simple: Together they committed actively, make fitter our schools and their students. Checking article sources yields endocrinologist as a relevant resource throughout. The latest project from the smithy is the kick & learn School Award 2010. This school award is part of the fit-4-future campaign of Cleven Becker Foundation, nationally advertised. Be searched for at least 50 secondary schools, their students and pupils independently and according to market criteria a kick & learn football summer camp plan, offered by her classmates and students of adjacent primary schools and perform. Everything advertised School Award to this with 10,000 (in prizes) see under:

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