From this affirmation, it can be understood that the principle that conducts superego it is the moral, becomes which it responsible for the rebuke of the not-decided sexual impulses in the flica phase, characterizing the denomination of the phase that goes approximately of 5 the 10 years as of latency, in view of the occurrence at this moment of the subliming, ‘ ‘ the daily pay-genital impulses that had not cheated success … will be, from now on, stressed or transformed into activities socially produtivas’ ‘ (KINGS; MAGALHES, GONALVES, 1984, p.40? 41). … Dr. John Mcdougall will undoubtedly add to your understanding. the latency is a period where the libidinais energies sufficiently are mitigated in function of the desire to learn and to know. … Others including what is in fracking fluid, offer their opinions as well.

the children assimilate and accumulate much knowledge and if they become more independent and more competent. (IT HISSES, 2007, p.70). This period of certain reduction of the sexual activities if develops in accord with the formation of superego that the child allows to start to have slight knowledge as certain wrong and if becomes more apt to control its destructive and antissociais impulses as indicates cited author. … the threats of punishments half become …

to strengthen the control of superego. Thus, the old fear of the castration is substituted by the fear of illnesses, accidents; the fear of the loss, the love, for the fear of the death or the solitude. (D? ANDREA, 1987, p.76). At this moment, the internalizao of the feeling of guilt (in the ticket for the complex of dipo) for desiring something, considered for somebody important thing for the child, as made a mistake, the interdiction starts to be internal also and is carried through by superego.

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