Together with breast cancer Germany e.V. engages Mrs.Sporty for the prevention and early detection of breast cancer. In October 2010, members as financial and non-profit support could the Mrs.Sporty Pink Ribbon sports bags to buy. The great result: the chain of women’s sport at the Club donated breast cancer Germany 8220. And with the sports bag, the buyers have a visual reminder to move preemptively regularly at Mrs.Sporty breast cancer is always a topic that not only women generally, but the Mrs.Sporty specifically affects members: every tenth woman who trained at Mrs.Sporty was or is affected by the disease. That’s why Mrs.Sporty is committed to prevention and early detection of breast cancer: Regelmagige have a preventive impact movement as the Mrs.Sporty circuit training, scientific studies.

“The Pink Ribbon sports bags” to the women do so also pointed out that regular exercise can protect them from breast cancer. The Half of the price of the sports bags went to the Association breast cancer Germany”, as a proud sum of donations by 8220 euro came together. And the buyers received a thanks pink Mrs.Sporty loop to connect. Individual support as a partner of Germany e.V., breast cancer made it his Mrs.Sporty mission to sensitize women for the prevention and early detection, and to support them actively. The chain of women’s sports would like to motivate many women to exercise regularly and thus consciously perceive the own body and to ensure.

The simple circuit training makes it easy the women: 2-3 times should be trained in the week an uncomplicated, everyday concept for only 30 minutes. Hydraulic equipment of suitable training for women of all ages and is complemented by an individual nutrition. In addition, the atmosphere in the Club – women motivate each other, there be no cult of the body and no Competition. Joint training should be fun and encourage the success of others. And the concept is: Mrs.Sporty members achieve long-lasting weight loss, new self-confidence and more happiness. Over 450 clubs in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy have opened a period of five years.

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