Comfort Zone

Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts to do something about it, enthusiasm for its scale decreases to the zero point and life returns to normal. Returning to the system (the system) a person who somehow to calm himself, begins to engage in self-deception and says to himself: 'And there is not all bad: the work is normal, pay on time, soc. package ', etc. Do not be fooled! All this is fine as long as – unforeseen costs – will want to rest a few times a year, and in other cities and countries – to buy an expensive car or a vacation home – just to feel truly free, eliminating the need to work a few decades to someone for a pittance. And that if your health allows you to work, but where he come from, if not followed.

In general the list goes on. The majority of wage-labor is never valued highly. Sad but true! Everybody wants to get a decent reward for their embedded time and effort, but this can only dream about. I dreamed, but not for long because understood that this does not help, and subsequently moved from the category of dreamers in the category of practitioners. Three years of desperate searching and trying to succeed in any case come to nothing lead, and all my attention was riveted on the Internet.

To work from home, so to speak in their comfort zone, to himself, spurred me to action, even in moments of despair when he wanted to quit and believe that earning at or over the Internet is not realistic. However, believe it was still quite difficult because almost every day there are real evidence to the contrary, namely, people who have excelled in some area it is in Internet. Soon after was born their own beliefs: 'If one could, so can the rest (of course, and I among them)', which was and still jet fuel in order to achieve my goals. Next came the understanding that success is possible copy. In other words do things that make the rich and successful and do what they are doing the vast majority. I got her – found a way to provide a source of growing revenue, but such that all the work Life does not have to. And tell you a secret: in reality, anything is possible and everything is real! The only question is what you go for your goals and desires? Who does not want life to be a cog, would not it! Read good books and good luck in your endeavors!

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