Chronic Happiness

The happiness is as the sun the happiness is as the sun, you has that to look for to enjoy. Exist people who do not learn to look for? since very early they want that everything its return comes to it to fall to its hands as if moved for a miracle the holy ghost. There when growing if they give account that the world does not conspire to bring happiness to that they only wait. My mother said: ' ' she has to make for donde' ' ' ' Who wait always alcana' ' If alone to understand this ' ' espera' ' how verb to wait is logical that we do not go to reach nothing? why nobody reaches swims waiting. But if to understand ' ' espera' ' as one ' ' foco' ' one ' ' expectativa' ' or one ' ' objetivo' ' , certainly, we can have certainty of that our expectation anger if to carry through. The Bible in the sample accurately as if must proceed when if objective something. Who says is Jesus de Nazar? according to Mateus.

Ped, and will give you; you search, and you will find; you beat and will confide you. Therefore all what it asks for, it receives; who search, finds; what it beats, one will confide it. TM. 7, 7-8 Is this? who search finds. Why? as Pablo Rabbit the world conspires its favor? in my opinion it is not the world that is really if moving to satisfy our wills? I believe that our directions are activated in way that we more acquire a sharpened direction in seeing and feeling the chances that if bind to our objectives. We conclude that? we have to learn ' ' querer' ' or in the word of Jesus? we have of ' ' pedir' ' – because who asks for receives? clearly that the order has of being a realizable order, that is, possible.

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