Changes in the World

The world moved and is in abundant change. I slept for few hours in full military dictatorship miracle time economic, time where the difference was different. The bad hours, the military repression, the pain of if feeling forbidden. Today I woke up of a terrible nightmare and I believe that still I am sleeping. To think that yesterday the culture of today was illegal. People live as animal they make what they want and they are not judged. Unhappyly the present is very worse that dictatorship.

Yesterday groups ran behind its rights, if they rebelled, they risked its lives thinking about today or tomorrow. The reality of today is only today. Who knows in a good sleep will obtain to wake up in the paradise without is certain to be dreaming. It remains the doubt. It remains the will.

It remains to think. We can make wanting but always we want to make what all make. They think: yesterday it has consequncias in today and tomorrow it will have consequncias of today. Now only it remains to wake up.

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